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Five questions to the CCP from German Bild

The biggest newspaper in Europe, Bild, has asked the CCP to answer five questions about the source of the virus: 1. Do you agree that the new coronavirus is transmitted from the laboratory to the world? 2. Why didn’t you warn the world earlier? 3. Why does the CCP want to test the new coronavirus? 4. When do you think foreign experts will be allowed in Wuhan? 5. How should the CCP compensate the world? This is not the first time Bild has reported an article about the CCP virus. This time it uses the way of asking questions to point out the essence of the matter. It means there is a problem if the CCP dare not answer. There are political forces behind this. Public opinion, economy, party interests, and the truth all need to be held accountable to the CCP to release pressure. The special thing about Germany is that it was deeply persecuted by the Communists and Nazis, especially when the East Germans were deeply aware of how evil the communist and dictatorship system was. This is the fermentation after the publication of the article by the Czech archbishop and the scientists of the University of Hamburg. This report is very influential. This is by no means a single incident. The whole of Europe has begun to investigate the origin and accountability of the CCP virus.

CCP sophomorically claimed German media speculated conspiracy theory

The Chinese embassy in Germany immediately responded with a stern stance, not daring to answer the five questions positively, but saying that the German media were again speculating on conspiracy theories such as the so-called Wuhan laboratory leak. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying also stated that this is a rumor and conspiracy theory. The CCP always talks about conspiracy theories. From the official to the media,CCP is extremely arrogant, attacking the media and individuals who expose the truth with arrogance. The CCP also quoted Goebbels to expose the scars of the Germans, and the war wolf nature will not change, which is to antagonize all Germans. These so-called rebuttals by the CCP are mainly the reports cited by the Bild newspaper that are not scientifically rigorous and the conclusions drawn by the WHO panel that did not come from the laboratory, so why not say that the WHO’s conclusions are not scientifically rigorous either? This is all determined by the CCP itself, and it has always been shameless and arrogant. Now that the confluence of public opinion and political forces has become more and more powerful, the origin of the virus in the CCP’s laboratory cannot be covered, and it is also the most important thing for the world to attack the CCP. The US media began to report a lot of Xinjiang concentration camps, and Germany began to report on the source of the virus. This is an overall awakening, and the global media trend has changed. The WHO’s conclusion was overdone. The WHO has played a big role, allowing the public to see the clumsy performances of the CCP and WHO. The shift of several major media has started an irreversible process, and many media will follow one after another.

Gao Fu’s evil bidding documents

Gao Fu’s 2011 Chinese Academy of Sciences’ bidding documents were revealed, and the name of the project was a study on the molecular mechanism of important viruses’ cross-species and spreading disease. The content is scary! The CCP is looking for a variety of new coronaviruses, Japanese encephalitis, influenza viruses, rabies viruses, etc., because these can be easily made into the new contemporary genetic weapons of human-made disease sources depicted in that textbook. The tender of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to make unrestricted bioweapons, and Gao Fu does this. Dazak is familiar with Gao Fu, and Malik is familiar with Gao Fu, can Malik know all these things? Dr. Yan’s husband was fully involved in what Malik did. Could Dr. Yan know? This is the intelligence that Dr. Yan can told us that the virus would be a big outbreak on January 19 Dr. Yan tells everyone not to get infected. We don’t know what mechanism the virus has not been stimulated and how evil these people are. Internationally, it is forbidden to go all over the world to find the virus in the biological world. The CCP collects viruses under the banner of epidemiological research, and they artificially combine different mechanisms in various viruses, the most powerful fragments in different viruses, of which Malik is the most critical node. By doing so, the CCP is researching viral nuclear weapons – Unrestricted Bioweapons. I wonder what other viruses they have in their hands and how scary they are! Respiratory transmission is the fastest way of transmission, but its spread to the lungs is by no means the end of the CCP virus, nor its purpose. Eventually, it will cause various complications and sequelae. The CCP’s strategy and ambitions must be known to more people. In Gao Fu’s bidding document, what the CCP has to do is to find viruses all over the world, find various mechanisms at the molecular, organizational, and animal levels, and use these mechanisms to modify various viruses, especially the optic nerve virus that is the most harmful to the human body. The virus is also the virus that hits a country the most. The CCP does not hesitate to deal with Unrestricted Warfare 5.0, with the aim of controlling the world through the virus. The virus is central to the world’s perception of the evil of the CCP. The world will never have peace until the system of the CCP is destroyed.

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