Nucleic Acid Test That Is a Way of the Communist Chinese Regime To Make a Fortune

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The earliest hospitals to be  established in China were by Western Christian missionaries, adhering to God’s mission of redeeming the world.  In  every country around the world today,only Chinese hospitals still use the same  original red cross logo, which has never  changed,however although the logo has never been changed the mission will  seize to continue.   In China, hospital is controlled by a evil regime CCP. Therefore, the hospital will no longer be a holy place to save the dead, and doctors are no longer the most sacred profession under the sun.

In China if one person gets ill the whole family will be in utter destitute. On the other hand North Korea and Russia have free medical care for all people. China which  boasts  about its prosperity  has no such services.  It is difficult for Chinese people to see a doctor since the cost of medicines is one the most expensive thing in the world .The hospitals in  China are one the most wealthiest medical institutions in the world. They build these institutions using people property and lives as their foundation, regardless of natural or man-made disasters, and amass huge amounts of wealth.

After the CCP virus broke out, it spread quickly all over the world.  In just over a year, hundreds of millions of people have been infected and more than two million people have died, not including China which completely concealed it’s  true figures.  The whole world is helpless against the virus, and can only close the country and isolate the people at home. While other countries have welfare programs from their  governments to provide some assistance to help their people during this difficult period. In China people have to rely entirely on themselvesas the government stands by doing nothing.  Under the pressure of survival and risking infection, ordinary people have to go out to work.  Therefore, nucleic acid testing has become a way of making money monopolized by hospitals. 

Regardless of the reason, you must carry the nucleic acid test report issued by the hospital with you when you leave your hometown. The same requirements apply when you go abroad.  As for the 30% or 40% nucleic acid detection efficiency, it is not considered by the hospital.  What hospitals want arethe number of tests, and the economic benefits that follow the number.  With the global medical institutions being overwhelmed by the burden, the hospitals in China have gained a lot of money by their special way.

The two meters safety distance between people emphasized by the so-called experts are not being considered.  What the hospital wants is money, what the people want is for survival.  You can not work or study without a report!  Accepting the nucleic acid testing is the only way! At such a close distance and close contact with so many people, masks do not have the ability of killing the virus.  If someone is infected by the virus, even if they do not show symptoms.  In such intensive contact, the probability of infection will be astonishing!

The Chinese  Regime policy need to change.  If quarantine is required specially even if the nucleic acid test is negative.  If the quarantine needs to be lifted, even if the pandemic is still spreading, you must cover your ears and eyes and go out with a nucleic acid test report that does not know whether it is true or false, accurate or not, because the government needs fiscal revenue to frame the facade and sacrifices the property and even lives of ordinary people.

 If the CCP is not destroyed , the lives and property of ordinary people will not be protected.  Negative nucleic acid does not mean that you are really safe. Take down the  CCP is the only way to save your money and your life.

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