G-TV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (24th Feb, 2021)

Summary: Mikehua  Editor: Shibukedang

Over the past week, some significant confrontations against the CCP regarding genocide and the CCP virus have caught worldwide attention. Canadian parliament designated the CCP’s actions against Uyghurs as genocide. Czech cardinal and Germany’s largest newspaper Bild all confronted the CCP’s bioweapon. It’s a bit late but better than nothing. Although the Biden administration is soft against Chairman Xi, it has to keep the Trump administration’s policy in the South China Sea, a powder keg for WW III—Kinetic Version. Hopefully, President Biden will sign an Executive Order to strategically reduce supply chain reliance on Chinese slave labor. The smear from the CCP’s Wumao Water Army is another form of glory for our Dr. Yan, Mr. Bannon, and Miles Guo. The CCP has ruined the world enough. For our future, we have to take down the CCP! We invite Mr. Stephen K. Bannon to continue to inspire us with his answers.

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  • Daniel: The Canadian parliament has determined the CCP’s treatment of Uyghurs as genocide. Do you have any comments regarding this determination?

  • Mikehua: The Foreign Minister of the CCP, Wang Yi, told President Biden that he must restore the US-China relationship and that he must remove sanctions immediately in order to lessen tensions. Should the sanctions be removed? What is your response to that?

  • Sky Sun: The CCP will only allow a ‘Patriot’ to become a legislator of Hong Kong. What does this move imply to the governance of the city?
  • Castle: On Friday, Bill Gertz said that the United States warned of a new Chinese maritime law authorizing vessels to fire at ships in the South China Sea. What are the geopolitical implications of this law?
  • Dr. TCC: It is reported that Biden will sign an executive order as early as this month to build supply chains for strategic products e.g. chips in partnership with Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea in order to reduce reliance on China. Do you think he will really do it?
  • Mikehua: Germany’s largest newspaper outlet Bild asked the CCP five critical questions about the virus; like how the CCP is going to compensate the world for its spread. Is Europe finally waking up? What about other countries in Europe?

  • Stella: A wave of the CCP’s 50-Cent Internet Army has spread on Twitter in the past weeks, and they attacked you, Miles, and Dr. Yan personally with cartoons. It’s so prolific that they almost hijacked hashtag #YanLiMeng, #SteveBannon, and #MilesKwok on Twitter. How do you feel about this?

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