[Mayflower Analysis] CCP’s Two-Minutes Hate Against Miles Yu

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The Chinese Communist Party has orchestrated a Two-Minute smear campaign against Chinese American Miles Yu (Yu Maochun). Recently, pictures of Miles Yu have occupied China’s major news outlets and social media. The comment section below, which is also censored as the news itself, is flooded with words full of vicious hatred, labeling Mr. Yu “A Running Dog of America”, “An Anti-China Pioneer”. The most ironic of all is “A Traitor”.

Miles Yu was raised in Maoist China and received a college education despite all the suppressions and difficulties amidst the Cultural Revolution. In 1983, he moved to the United States, the country he pledged allegiance to later. Because of his deep understanding of Communist China and his outstanding educational background, Mr. Yu’s advisory for the U.S. government is highly respected and valued. He served as a principal planner and strategist in China policy for Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State.

What did he do to deserve such an “honor” — being a worthy target of the CCP propaganda machine along with Mr. Bannon, Mike Pompeo, and several other prominent Anti-CCP-hawks? For decades, the CCP was able to influence the U.S. to adopt a policy of appeasement, mainly because of the naivety and bureaucracy within the U.S. administration. Therefore, it has led to a series of disastrous policies, letting the CCP getting away with crimes. However, an expert like Miles Yu has been taken seriously by U.S. policymakers, so for CCP, it is like having a thorn in its throat, it is suffering and desperately in pain. Miles Yu has exposed CCP’s long-term plan to destroy the United States and is wakening up the U.S. government.

In an article on the Wall Street Journal, as a co-authored, Miles Yu exposed CCP’s obsession with virus experiments along with a series of reckless actions. He claimed that CCP’s labs are directly responsible for the current pandemic. What’s more, the article mentioned a term “Contemporary Genetic Weapon”, a concept from a recently exposed PLA textbook on biological warfare. Published in 2015, the book contains systematical theories regarding bioweapon design and utilization. The author of the book prophesied the “Contemporary Genetic Weapon” to be the main theme of the next world war.

As much as CCP’s public denial of being at war with the United States, it labels an Chinese American who serves the interest of the United States as a traitor. Such an Orwellian theatrical also signals CCP’s declining influence — to quote what O’Brien said: “The days of American passivity and naivety regarding the People’s Republic of China are over.”


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