Must Show Nucleic Acid Test CERT To Enter the Hospital, Which Can Only Be Printed From Within the Hospital

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On February 22, 2021, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a man went to the hospital to get a nucleic acid test report, but the hospital staff refused to let him in because he had to provide a nucleic acid test report before he could enter the hospital. But the man could only get a test print out after he could get in to the hospital, so the man and the hospital staff got into a quarrel.

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, people’s normal lives have been completely disrupted. You must wear a mask, hand sanitizer, alcohol, and 6 feet of social distance when you go out. Most people work at home. Online work and life software played an important role. In fact, the test report that can be sent by the hospital in email, mail or mobile phone notification, so that there is no need for people to go out again (to get the test report), let alone go to the hospital, where there is a high risk of being infected and infecting others.

The virus released by CCP not only killed many people, even more people have been infected, yet they have been trying to make money by selling masks, nucleic acid tests and vaccines, which is completely a play on human life! Now countries and scientists all over the world are starting to stand up to find out the truth and break the news about the virus after the Whistle-blow movement, the New Federal State of China and Dr. Yan Limeng pointed out that the virus is a bioweapon for unrestricted warfare, so eradicating the CCP is an inevitable trend! CCP, you are done!

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