The CCP Just Told Who Not To Mention Bats, While Such an Incompetent CCTV Came. Eliminate the CCP, or Be Framed by the CCP

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On February 22, 2021, Yin Yue, a reporter from CCTV said that a large number of dead and dying bats were found under a bridge in Houston, Texas, USA. In addition, bats can also be heard from the cracks in the bridge. The cause of the bats’ death is unknown. At present, the entire area under the bridge has been blocked.

After the outbreak of the CCP virus, it spread rapidly around the world. In just over a year, the virus caused hundreds of millions of infections and over 2.5 million deaths worldwide, and more than 500,000 people died in the United States alone. Moreover, there is no sign that the virus has weakened so far. All the people are asking: where did the virus come from? Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a scientist from the New Federal State of China, pointed out that the virus was a biochemical weapon, artificially developed by the Chinese military P4 laboratory in Wuhan. She refuted the Chinese Communist Party’s claim that the virus came from Zhoushan bat and it comes from the nature. The WHO investigation team sent to Wuhan also co-operated with the Chinese Communist Party, performing a show. And there was no progress in the investigation of the origin of the virus.

There is an old Chinese saying, “kill the chicken to frighten the monkey”, which means: to punish someone as a warning to others. How did these bats die? Were they killed by nature or by people? Whom did they die for? We don’t know, but God knows. If God wants to destroy the CCP, no one can stop it. The Chinese Communist Party has committed the crime of genocide in Xinjiang and has killed the Chinese people non-stop for seventy years and there has also been aggression against the whole world for seventy years. The evil Communist Party of China has already posed a threat to the whole world. If we do not eliminate the Chinese Communist Party, we will not be able to solve the virus problem. Not only do humans have no way to live, but even animals that can’t speak are not spared, as well. So, let’s take down the CCP with CCP virus in the year of the Ox!

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