【War Clouds Column】Episode16 : The CCP is a Practitioner of “Perfect Crime” Theory — Case Ⅰ: 《The Paris Climate Agreement》

Original Author: 捆绑CCP一千年 / Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group

Translation: 东方淳子, Tracy, 東洋武士 / Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group

The author attempts to analyze the perfect criminal mentality of the CCP with the article 《The Neo-Nazi Weapon From The CCP Is Not A Virus But A Theory of “Perfect Criminology”》, to wake up the world to its cunning and casuistic mindset. Besides an overview of the theory of perfect criminology, we also mention the Texas Blackout issues and the exploited “patriots” in this article. Obviously, this is not enough to explain how the CCP could extend its claws to the world step by step and evade the law many times. Also how could it deceive the Chinese people to “love the CCP”? This is a new direction of this research, and in this way, the author will try to explain the criminal tricks behind a series of cases of crimes against humanity since the establishment of the CCP. 

To make the readers understand in a timely manner, the author selects some thesis with current news from the CCP to obtain a glimpse of the relevance of the CCP in international criminal psychology.

According to a report 《America Officially Returns to [Paris Agreement] 》by the CCP media propaganda agency Xinhua News Agency on Feb 20, its specifications and urgency were evident. In communist China, this report was reprinted one by one through the Internet with headlines such as “The U.S. is back,” “Big News,” etc.  Xinhua News Agency quoted Secretary of State Blinken (@SecBlinken) and President Biden’s speech tweets which conveyed the importance of the United States to return to the 《Paris Climate Agreement》.  The author found this affirmation in  Blinken’s tweet that “This is a good day for us to fight the climate crisis because the United States becomes a party to the Paris Agreement once again. As they work to reduce emissions has begun, then we will spend time in cooperation with partners around the world to build our global resilience.” The report also revealed the U.S. president “will host a summit on climate issues on World Earth Day, April 22, to push for more ambitious initiatives to those major greenhouse gas emitting countries including the United States.”

Secretary Blinken’s brief tweet still conveys a lot of content, such as “fighting the climate crisis,” which mentions “struggle” and “cooperation.” The author immediately understood where the Secretary of State’s communist ideas came from. Fighting the climate is not “fighting with the sky, fighting with the earth, fighting with people, the joy of it”? And “reducing emissions” is what Lude Media talked about on December 18, 2020, that program (Lu-An-Mo Talk) in terms of the distribution of power. Joe Biden’s administration returns to the Paris Climate Agreement, which President Trump withdrew from, is an obvious move to bow to the CCP’s power because the CCP has fully controlled the carbon emissions in global climate change. On November 17, 2016, BBC Chinese published a report titled “China Tells Trump: Climate Change Is Not a Chinese Conspiracy” to refute the Trump administration’s accusation that the CCP was plotting against it on climate change. All the awakened Chinese know that what the CCP opposes, we must support. This has been the consensus of all knowledgeable people on the perception of the CCP. It is clear that after their telephone diplomacy, a major move by the Biden administration is to return to the Paris Climate Agreement to restore the CCP’s international leadership. This would allow for perfect cooperation with it. This may be a way of Secretary Blinken making eyes at Xi Jinping. 

As the author recalled Lude once said in his broadcast show before, to get re-elected successfully, President Trump agreed to Pfizer’s vaccines entering into the clinical-stage before the election. He wanted to enlist the support of the Swamp (means the power that can significantly influence trends of politics, economy, culture, and religion, etc. of the US). Now it seems to be another perfect scam by the CCP. A piece of news in Communist China indicated that we misread it. A social network account named “Military Intelligence Eleven” posted an article with the title “Saving lives and protecting the environment, behaviors of two consecutive presidents of the United States cohered with each other unintentionally. Is this a good thing? ” This article revealed that “under the situation of a serious outbreak of the pandemic, Trump has begun to show mercy. The Trump administration recently decided to distribute vaccines produced by Pfizer to all states in the US starting from next week”. The author added, “While Trump committed himself to maintain the political heat, Biden just made another move. According to a China Review News Agency report on December 13, the US President-elect Biden announced that the United States would return to the Paris Agreement.” In approaching two days, the two events of releasing Pfizer’s vaccine and rejoining the Paris Agreement handled by two US presidents seem to be simultaneously carried out for one goal, by what’s in the eyes of the CCP, that is, seizing control of the world. Speaking of this, it occurred in the author’s mind that another thing you shall know which is Bill Gates has been cooperating with the CCP on vaccine development for years (the vaccine issue is also a typical case of Perfect Criminology, but here the author won’t further discuss).

In terms of global leadership, the CCP seems to be in full control of Biden. On January 20 (Beijing time), the day before the United States’ presidential inauguration, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying rapidly made a statement in a Press Conference relating to the Biden administration signing to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. She said, “China encourages all efforts that are conducive to international cooperation on climate change…China welcomes the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement, and we look forward to its positive contributions to combating climate change.” Did the CCP perfectly demonstrate its leadership? Let’s focus on her use of a series of verbs, such as “encourage,” “welcome” and “look forward to,” what a tone of leadership or parents! However, no matter how fellow kind readers racked their brains, they still couldn’t connect the seemingly charitable and global public welfare project with international crime.

According to Perfect Crime Theory, if the above story is a true Perfect Crime, it shall not end. Therefore, in most cases, the truth will be eventually revealed so that they belong to Imperfect Criminology. The definition indicates that Perfect Crime does not have an ending. Just think about it, does the Paris Agreement have an ending now?

Without the Trump administration’s disclosure, people would never know the essence of the problem. Giving its definition of Perfect Crime, if the conspiracy’s truth is eventually exposed to the public, then it won’t belong to Perfect Criminology anymore.

Objectively this is the case, but the person who defined the “Perfect Criminology” did not know the CCP’s reverse thinking, which is taking advantage of propaganda to decorate its Perfect Crime? The CCP is absolutely not afraid of spending money at all. Just giving an example, if a politician agreed to help the CCP cover the truth and he required ten thousand USD in return, and finally, he would get fifty thousand USD instead. This is the exact logic of the BGY (known as the Blue-Golden-Yellow strategy). The CCP enslaved 1.4 billion innocent Chinese people who advocated countless hard-working money to the CCP. All that the CCP did is compete with discourse power. The “12/18/2020 Lude Media (Lu An Mo Talk)” revealed the ambitions behind the CCP’s lead in energy saving and emission reduction actions. Lude has always emphasized that the CCP is good at seizing the moral commanding heights in international affairs and said, “Why do the Chinese always implement electricity rationing, why is there no electricity rationing in the U.S.?” The author mentioned in the article “The Neo-Nazi Weapon From The CCP Is Not A Virus But A Theory Of “Perfect Crime”” published on February 19, “The Great Power Outage in Guangdong and the Great Power Outage in Dezhou”. The CCP’s Grand Strategy is to create seemingly natural accidents. The CCP does not consider the safety of the people at all, but it has to pretend to be the savior. Lude continued, “We are the community of destiny of the earth. If the U.S. does not do it (energy saving and emission reduction), the U.S. is destroying the earth. The CCP has taken the lead in curbing electricity. If the U.S. does not do it, (the CCP) will use the media to propaganda that the U.S. is wasting energy. Forcing the United States to enter an inverted angle, unable to raise its head. Slowly, through bipartisan elections, the U.S. has entered into legal energy saving and emission reduction. Then every U.S. state can only use so much electricity. As a result, the CCP has the right to control you, and this is their power.” In modern life increasingly dependent on energy and the Internet, where can countries in the world be separated from electricity? The CCP is best at creating large-scale power outages when the weather is the coldest or the sweltering heat, so that the world cannot find evidence and it can only be considered bad luck. Even if a very small number of engineers know that the power outage is caused by a virus invading the power grid, as long as the engineer accepts bribes or disappears, there is no way in the world to know the truth. Suspicion cannot convict the CCP at all, and the evidence cannot be supported by the law, which is in vain.

When the CCP “has power, (as long as) the Paris Climate Agreement is passed by the U.S. Congress, when the CCP has the power to restrict U.S. electricity, it becomes the power to restrict your speech and freedom. For example, Section 230, originally used to restrict the spread of pornography and violence, has now been extended to censorship of speech. This is a big layout of the CCP.” Lude looks very carefully toward CCP’s layout. The CCP has perfectly designed the layout on the international stage. An article “Five Myths about the Paris Climate Agreement” mentioned that “Communist China is taking more powerful actions than the U.S.” and had a hunch that “this state of affairs means that China (the CCP) is expected to become a global leader.” The author of the article clearly pointed out that the Paris Agreement has no influence on the climate, and quoted James Inhoff as saying: “The Paris Climate Agreement is nothing but an empty promise.”

Nevertheless, when the CCP is unscrupulously fighting for global leadership, it has turned the world into a boiling frog. When you see through it, you are powerless to resist. From the perspective of reverse thinking, it is almost perfect. The chaos in the world today, “Everything starts with the CCP, (when energy saving and emission reduction are in Communist China), after the common people have done it, the model will be extended to the world. The whole world must be like the CCP. Just like the CCP virus this time, the CCP’s markets have all shut down, and the world markets should also be shut down. This is the important reason why President Trump always disagrees with the shutdown model. This is a kind of power.” Seeing what President Biden has done, as soon as he took office, he shut down the Americans’ mouths and asked them to wear masks in public places. Once you give the CCP this kind of power, and once you need to report when you enter or exit, you will lose your rights. Therefore, the matter involved in this electricity is too big.”

According to the author’s firsthand experience, your commute is strictly restricted when the community is closed.  The CCP divides the virus rating by administrative districts to rule your commute. Then the security guards get power from the CCP, who can prevent you from going home, dating with your lovers, meeting with your husband/wife/children and even sending food and medicine to your elder mother. But the problem is that no one will stop them. A small security guard gets such power because of the pandemic, which is the moral high ground and full display. The CCP wants the whole world to become such a prison-like social form. “The CCP’s so-called community with shared future for mankind, economic globalization, etc., which is all a trap made by them.” The author agrees with Lude Media because too many problems point to the control that comes with this power.

This is really a case of the perfect crime of the CCP in the international arena, that is, an agreement in sheep’s clothing wrapped in wild ambition.

According to the definition of perfect criminology, “many stories, despite the perfection of the plan of the crime itself, are exposed by an unpredictable natural disaster such as a large typhoon which brings evidence back to the public that evidence should have sunk under the sea decades ago.” It is exciting to talk about the risk of unpredictability behind the perfect crime, such as the CCP’s biological weapon. Dr. Limeng Yan’s appearance becomes an unpredictable “natural catastrophe” for the perpetrator, the CCP. And this is what Lude Media said “God Probability.” Nevertheless, the author said, the CCP can still use their media propaganda agencies to almost perfectly blur the problems which have been exposed. When it comes to God’s probability, it is suggested that the CCP cover God’s eyes and mouth while making the next move. The author thinks that if the CCP can do this, he must be accelerating towards replacing God. He is just like God to transform the world.

Finally, Perfect Crime Theory tells you that “Perfect crime goes unsolved should not be attributed to the incompetence of the investigators, because it is the result of the cleverness and well-thought-out actions of the criminal. That is, you should focus on portraying the perpetrator’s ability to escape being captured, rather than condemning the incompetence of the relevant investigating agencies.” Do you believe that Biden really did this? He didn’t condemn the culprit who made the biological weapons named the CCP virus, on the contrary he worked hard to advance another crime – vaccines. That is to cover up the truth of the virus with vaccines that are extremely unsafe and packed with all kinds of insidious plans. According to Lude Media, the CCP always uses a larger evil to cover up the evil that has been done. And now the whole world seems to be following the same mindset as the CCP’s Perfect Crime. According to the common sense provided by Dr. Yan (not to mention the problems behind vaccines), the value of the current vaccines are about to be useless. Before the U.S. election, Dr. Yan said many times that all the vaccines would not work before we got the original strains of the CCP virus because we could not use a drug to treat the constantly mutating disease. Therefore some experts claimed that everyone needed to be vaccinated twice a year, and on the same day, Bill Gates also claimed that three vaccinations are needed. In the author’s opinion, you do not need nonsense and 30 three times is useless because you will keep updating the vaccine DNA and you will keep injecting new vaccines to the people.

Given that more viruses including the West Nile virus, can be found in freezers of P3/P4 labs in Hong Kong and Communist China. If the CCP regime is not eliminated, it will release new viruses at any time according to the vaccination and geopolitical situation. Then the vaccine will be automatically declared invalid. The author would like to ask dignitaries of all countries, is the world going to watch the CCP treat humans created by God as experimental rats? And until everyone becomes a demon? If the CCP is allowed to control the world reaching the point of forcibly vaccinating people, binding Health QR code and implementing nucleic acid testing, then they will be able to control everyone’s whereabouts. What if people were required to be vaccinated before they travel and go to school or public places? Do you have the power to resist? If this continues, how else can humanity resist neo-Nazi group – the CCP?

Original Source


Perfect Crime


Lude Media

Power Outage

Third shot of Vaccine

Jun Qing Shi Yi Chu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP

BBC News

Five myths about the Paris climate agreement

Proofreading: Totoro / Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group

Final Editing: 東洋武士 / Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group

Posting: 煙火1095 /Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group


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