Malik Peiris Came Back to Hong Kong, Could He Reslove the CCP’S Plight?

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

Recently, Malik Peiris returned to Hong Kong from Sri Lanka. As a top expert on the coronavirus, Malik’s actions have been closely watched by various countries. The CCP has justified the CCP on the issue of over-limit biological weapons.

Western countries led by the United States have begun to ask for the truth about the CCP virus, and the CCP is facing tremendous pressure.Will Malik be the last trump card of the CCP?

The heroic scientist Yan Limeng mentioned in the interview that when she and her husband were doing scientific research at the University of Hong Kong, they were in Malik’s laboratory, and because both her husband and Malik were from Sri Lanka, there are close contacts between each other.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dr. Yan fled to the United States to expose the truth to the world. As a mentor, Malik didn’t say anything about that, He just quickly retired from the University of Hong Kong and returned to Sri Lanka. This series of actions all showed that there are huge secrets hidden behind the epidemic. If Dr. Yan deliberately discredited the CCP, why Malik, who has such a high status in the virus world, has not refuted Dr. Yan, and why he has not pointed out any problems of Dr. Yan’s research? All these could prove that Dr. Opinions are the truth.

Now, the whole world is beginning to ask the CCP for the truth about the virus. More and more people believe that the coronavirus is a laboratory product and an over-limit biological weapons launched by the CCP .The CCP is facing tremendous pressure. It’s hard to hide it. At this time, the return of Malik may have two reasons:

First, the CCP hopes that Malik can find a breakthrough and find a reasonable explanation for the virus.

Second, under the system of the Chinese Communist Party, they do not trust everyone. Under the high pressure of the whole world, they are very afraid that Malik will betray the CCP and contract with Western countries for self-protection. If these happen, it will have a devastating blow to the CCP, so the CCP will definitely ask Malik to return to Hong Kong ,so they can completly monitor him.

But nobody cannot refute the truth. No matter how powerful a blockade is, the spread of the truth cannot be prevented. No matter what the CCP does, it cannot change its abominable behaviour of launching a biochemical war against the world, slaughtering the people of the world, and destroying the world economy. So the CCP will be overthrown finally.

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