Will Inner Mongolia Suffer From Genocide like Xinjiang Under the Rule of Xi Jinping?

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

On March 5, Xi Jinping went to the Inner Mongolia delegation of the National People’s Congress for deliberation. In his speech, Xi Jinping mentioned the report on the special rectification of violations of laws and regulations in the coal resources field. He said that the coal field in Inner Mongolia is an important area in terms of anti-corruption. Officials who use national resources to engage in bribery and exchange of power and money will eventually be punished.

The day after Xi Jinping’s speech, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a document stating that they will investigate corrupted problems in the past 20 years in the coal sector .

Corruption is the normal state of the CCP. In China, there are no officials who are not corrupt. Therefore, anti-corruption has always been a political issue. It is a means to suppress political opponents or to achieve a certain political goal.

On the first day of the opening of the National People’s Congress, Xi Jinping’s speech to the Inner Mongolia delegation is undoubtedly a warning to these officials that they will be overthrown if they do not listen to President Xi’s dialogue.

The Sanitisation campaign launched by the CCP in Inner Mongolia some time ago ,which required Inner Mongolian schools to use Chinese in teaching projects. This movement caused a huge backlash from the people of Inner Mongolia. Students, parents and people from different fields expressed their opposition. The students even went on strikes to defend their national language. In this way, the protests eventually resulted in the death of 9 people and several arrests. Such large-scale protests embarrass the CCP, but the devil does not care about public opinion.

In the end, the CCP will use various means to assimilate the people of Inner Mongolia and destroy its national culture. This time Xi Jinping’s speech is to use the topic of anti-corruption to warn Inner Mongolian officials that they must be heartfelt to the CCP serve the CCP, and make efforts to fully rule the people of Inner Mongolia ,eliminate the national culture and language of Inner Mongolia. If they cannot solve these problems, they will eventually be abandoned.

The Inner Mongolian officials who receive threats will definitely adopt more cruel methods to rule and suppress the people of Inner Mongolia, so as to show their loyalty and ability to the CCP and Xi Jinping. And the people of Inner Mongolia will be suppressed by violence just like the people of Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

One day the CCP exists, he will continue to slaughter the lives, culture, and beliefs of people of all ethnic groups. So It is a necessity for justice to eliminate the CCP.

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