G-TV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (10th Mar, 2021) – CCP’s Atrocities vs Western Softness

Summary: Dr. Ming  Editor: Shibukedang

Lately the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed atrocities at home and abroad. It uses emotional recognition technology to tighten the grip to control Chinese people. It further undermines the democracies of Hong Kong and western countries by covertly sinister means. It launched worldwide cyberattacks targeting governmental and business organisations. It increases its military budget in order to outnumber the US navy. It intends to reshape its relations with the US to achieve its world-dominating goal. Truths are unveiled about the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang and its use of Covid-19 vaccinations as early as March 2020.

Meanwhile the world is still half asleep. The US and its allies are apparently not ready to stand up and take actions to confront the CCP’s aggression, either inside or outside of their own territories.

In its weekly interview, the GTV UK team invites Mr. Stephen K. Bannon to address this worrying situation.

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GTV link: https://gtv.org/video/id=6048ceb775e88a51e6e91c60

Sky Sun: In his live broadcast on the 5th March, Mr. Miles Guo compared the CCP’s overhaul of the Hong Kong electoral system to Hitler’s cancellation of the Treaty of Versailles and warned of the severe price the world is going to pay. What is your comment?

Daniel: The CCP has sowed the seed of racial hatred against western democracies within their territories as well as between them and other countries. Do the western people recognise racism as a CCP weapon yet?

Dr. Ming: A newly released report by Newlines Institute concludes that P.R.China bears State responsibility for genocide in Xinjiang in breach of every single article of the UN’s 1948 Genocide Convention. But the US State Department said China ‘was’ committing genocide but won’t say if it is ‘ongoing’. What signal does the Biden administration intend to send?

Dr. Stella: Attending the National People’s Congress on the 5th March, Yu Qingming, the Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinopharm Group, remarked that he and his executives had coronavirus vaccines over a year ago and their antibody levels have since maintained high. Do you think the CCP has researched and developed Covid-19 vaccine even before the pandemic outbreak?

Castle: In the two national conferences, the CCP announced to increase its military budget by 6.8%. According to ONI, by the end of 2021, the Chinese naval vessels will amount to 360, 60 more than the US Navy’s. The CCP is speeding up plans to overtake the US on the world stage, warned by Philip Davidson, retiring US Indo-Pacific Commander. Do you agree with him?

Daniel: According to a new Pew survey, roughly nine-in-ten U.S. adults consider China a competitor or enemy rather than a partner. Do the American people recognise the difference between the CCP and ordinary Chinese like us?

Castle: Hundreds of thousands of organisations worldwide were cyber-attacked by the CCP exploiting Microsoft’s Exchange server. But Microsoft responded by expanding its business in P.R.China. How do you comment on Microsoft’s Sinophile?

Dr. Stella: The US Senate unanimously passed the CONFUCIUS Act for the second time. How long will it eventually take to close all Confucius Institutes in the US?

Sky Sun: Do you think Magnitsky Act is a powerful instrument to fight against the CCP’s organised crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, espionage, murder and genocide?

Dr. Ming: The US and EU have agreed upon a tariff freeze in aircraft subsidy dispute and to focus on solving the distortive trade practice of China. Are you optimistic that the two sides of the Atlantic will unite to effectively correct the CCP’s misconduct?

Daniel: On top of facial recognition, the CCP government is using emotional recognition technology for surveillance purposes. How does the CCP’s hi-tech state compare with Orwellian state?

Dr. Ming: The CCP’s top diplomats Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi will meet their US counterparts to reshape the bilateral relations. The Quad summit will be held this Friday. The US and its allies have espoused ‘gunboat diplomacy’ to the CCP. Will the allies’ approaches be able to deal with the CCP’s aggressive expansionism?

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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