What’s the Relationship Between the CCP Virus and the US Election? The CCP Has Antidote!

In the February 6, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that based on the info provided by a fellow fighter in mainland China, he suspected that the CCP had the antidote. He told his friends that if they wanted to be safe, they should ask the CCP for the antidote.

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An hour ago, our very important American friends said that now people in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Texas and Los Angeles all asked the same question – whether the so-called “reduced infectivity” and “increased mortality” of the virus are related to the CCP and the US election?

In the UK, the situation has got better in the past few days, and the British people are all asking one question. The CCP virus has killed people, caused economic damages and let the UK bear the worst suffering ever in history, but once the UK became tougher against the CCP and started to take down the CCP, the situation of the virus then became better, so what is the inner relationship of these two things? Questions are also raised inside France – now France is standing up against the CCP, but the virus has come down somewhat, even the mortality rate is down, so what are the connections between these things?

So, what we need to remember is that whenever the UK and France became a little tougher on pressing the truth about the virus, that is to say, reducing their interaction and cooperation with the CCP, using less CCP’s vaccines and less so-called “technicians” and “assistants” sent by the CCP, their virus would go down. What does that mean? 

This American friend of mine is going to Europe. I said, “When you are in Europe, forget about your government official identity. Follow Miles Guo’s advice and learn about Europe, asking why the virus went down whenever the amount of interaction and cooperation with the CCP was reduced? That is to say, whenever you got a little tougher, the virus went down.”

Then I want to ask our fellow fighters what places in mainland China have had the most serious outbreaks? Places where people wave red flags everyday and follow every move of the Zhongnan Pit’s old bastards, all had the worst outbreaks, right? Hong Kong however has the lowest infection rate among all the so-called “developed areas” in China even though Hong Kong is being humiliated by the CCP like this (by allowing the CCP to attack their anus). Because the Hongkongers aren’t willing to work with the CCP, and they travel to the areas controlled by the CCP bandits less frequently, am I right, my fellow fighters? 

Also, a fellow fighter discovered a secret yesterday. He said that in addition to the fact that high ranking officials of the CCP did not get infected or die, he had discovered another core secret. In the past two months, have you ever seen any health official standing out to say anything? That’s because someone in this fellow fighter’s family is a high ranking official in the CCP’s CDC. He said that this buddy never worn a mask and dined out as usual like nothing had ever happened. When this guy went back to his hometown, he gathered all the people to eat together, never worn a mask, and seemed very confident about what he was doing. Not only he didn’t wear a mask, his family members didn’t wear masks either. 

These days I’ve been telling all my western friends about this, “The CCP has the antidote!” If it didn’t have the antidote, it wouldn’t be able to control the virus so well. The UK Prime Minister has contracted the virus. Trudeau in Canada has contracted the virus. The leaders of a few dozens countries have got infected. How can the Chinese leaders stay healthy? What medicine have they poured into their mouth? What’s special about them? These old bastards have sex every day with their frail bodies. They don’t wear masks. Why haven’t they got infected? Because they have the antidote!

So I told them, “If you want to get well and be safe, go ask the CCP for the antidote!” If you want to get well, be safe and reduce infection rate, and truly solve the problem, cooperate less with the CCP! Now anyone who wants to take money from the CCP will eventually have his or her hand chopped off. “Thwack!” Let’s wait and see if you don’t believe it.

(The above translation and content are the view of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of GNEWS or others.)

Video source: https://gtv.org/getter/601ece82f5b9e26ca9d8efbf (5:13-end)

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Caihongqiao for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/885218/

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