[Opinion] The Global Pandemic is Changing Our Lives

Original Author: Haloha Translator: Brain Sanitizer| Reviewer: Irene

At the end of 2019, a new coronavirus outbreak spread in Wuhan, China. Until now, more than 118 million people have been infected worldwide, and the death toll has reached 2.62 million, 219 countries have been involved around the world. More and more pieces of evidence show that the virus originated from the laboratories of the Chinese Communist Party. Many people have not realized that this is a war, but more and more countries have begun to identify the COVID-19 virus as an unrestricted biological weapon. Once identified, the CCP will inevitably be nailed to the historical shame of this unrestricted warfare, and just like the Nazis, the CCP will be cast aside by the Chinese people and the global population forever.

When facing the sudden epidemic, governments of all countries were caught off guard. Even now, there still be a large shortage of medical staff and personal protective equipment in various countries. Many patients couldn’t be treated quickly and effectively in an ideal time so that several medical issues could follow. In order to control the epidemic effectively, governments of countries have to close their borders, cities, and roads physically. Those commercial places that used to be prosperous have to be closed. Various educational institutions have changed to online teaching. Public transportation services have also been suspended, and many companies have temporarily shut down or requested employees to work from home. Moreover, masks and disinfectant supplies are usually sold out instantaneously after they restock. There are few supermarkets still operating and they have to limit purchases because many items are out of stock as people build up inventory at home. The epidemic has dealt a fatal blow to the global economy which making many companies go bankrupt and leading to a sharp increase in unemployment. The epidemic has had a most serious impact on the travel and tourism industry, as many countries’ travel ban has caused airlines to suspend a large number of flights, and passengers have to cancel their plans.

Although the epidemic now becomes more under control, there are still hundreds of thousands of new infections worldwide every day. Governments of various countries still have to release their control for economic development. However, the world will not be able to return to what it used to be in a short time. Although many people have not contracted the virus, the risk of salary cuts and layoffs still exists due to the epidemic. In many areas, prices are rising and the cost of living continues to increase. The epidemic has caused many people afraid of travel nor dining in restaurants. This makes unnecessary outings reduced.

The epidemic has also created havoc for churches globally. It’s difficult to even meet in a building safely and churches have to resort to online worship in many instances. This has uprooted churches all over the world. The epidemic has also create quite a burden and strain for teachers who are trying to reach and effectively teach students through virtual learning and on/off in-person classes. Quarantines, sickness, different job schedules for parents, and depression are just a few things teachers and parents have had to workaround.

Even now, the CCP is setting up a “vaccine passport” system in which the government will require people to get the vaccine if they want to travel, do business, etc. This comes with a deranged amount of power in which the dictatorship will be able to control people’s every move.

Isolating at home for a long time has also caused many people to have psychological or neurological problems, so the rate of suicides increases.

The epidemic is affecting everyone’s lives constantly whether they know it or not. It is still unknown when the epidemic will end, but the impact of the epidemic on the world may not be eradicated for decades or even hundreds of years.

This article is translated from a Chinese article written by Haloha. The original Chinese version is provided here as a reference:

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