[Opinion] Justice Served?

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A case in Jiangsu, China was just brought to light which actually began in 2014. A young woman by the name of Xu Yan was involved in nine different precarious relationships with CCP police officers at different times. She began these affairs in 2014 and they lasted until about 2018. One by one, she gave the excuse to each man that she was pregnant and needed compensation intending to blackmail them only for monetary purposes. Needless to say, this was not truthful, and indeed, an erroneous crime. From one man alone, she collected about 1 million yuan. The nine men contributed a total summation of nearly 4 million yuan. For these crimes, she was rightfully sued and prosecuted. She was sentenced to 13 years in jail, the money repaid, and a 5 million yuan fine. Justice served. Or is it?

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One can only wonder about a few suspended strings hanging off the sleeve of this tattered case. They’re not quite clean-cut. First, as we turn our attention to the nine CCP officers, we wonder if they may have used their positions of people-given power to use this woman in ways they see fit. No doubt, most of them have families and so we must wonder if they too were chastised by the court system or fined or even given a slap on the hand. No doubt, she was in the wrong to blackmail them, but do we let them off the moral hook so easily when they are also guilty of crimes against nobility and leadership?

Furthermore, these cases have been established in a public court and have been published on the government websites’ domain. Also, a lawyer and journalist published this story. Now, they have been erased from websites and requested to delete all information concerning this case. You cannot view them anymore. As in classic CCP style, they are experts at erasing their tracks left behind them. What are they hiding?

Lastly, one must wonder how common city officers can afford such payoffs. Common officers, we would assume have a modest salary, but when it comes to keeping quiet about their crimes, their wallets open up to funds of tremendous amounts.  The CCP is a loyalty program for sure. They pay their dogs well.

Justice has been served, and don’t get me wrong, she deserved a consequence. But was she the only guilty party? Come forth all, to make all wrongs right.  “Injustice alone can shake down the pillars of the skies and restore the reign of chaos and night.”

Reviewer: Irene

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