[Opinion] Race-Targeted Genetic Bioweapon — A Concept Appeared in Teenager Science Book (III)

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This is a summary of race-targeted bioweapons described in the teenager’s bioweapon book “The Cutting-edge Weapon Technology of High Concern to Teenagers—Scientific Knowledge on Bioweapons” (Chinese title is shown in the figure below) by Feng Wenyuan. I will refer to it as the teenager’s bioweapon book. This book is currently downloadable on amazon.com and Google Play Books.


Race-Targeted Genetic Bioweapon

The following is the translation of an excerpt from page 37, Volume 1:    

Race-targeted genetic bioweapon.

Genes determine racial features among humankind: such as skin color, hair, eyes, and height. As the components of the human genome are decoded, humans will understand the specific genes of different races and different groups. These may be used to develop a genetic bioweapon targeting the gnome of specific groups, or a race-targeted genetic bioweapon.

HIV, the cause of AIDS, has different infectivity among different ethnic groups. In theory, genetic bioweapon has even higher specificity than HIV. A genetic bioweapon developed against a particular genetic feature can kill specific targets as expected.

Race-targeted genetic bioweapons can even ‘silently’ exterminate certain racial groups, for instance, by lowering their birth rate, or raising the death rate of their newborns, or suppressing an antibody in this group so that they have higher chances to contract pathogens.

The genetic weapon can kill without any trace. Bioweapons are not only hard to detect, but the victim group may be on the brink of extinction when they find out about the attack. Therefore, the development of such weapons should be condemned by all.

The original Chinese text is included below.


I cannot independently verify whether Communist China has ever created a race-targeted bioweapon, but their obsession with such a sinister weapon is evident in the book. The genocide against Uyghur Muslims is an ongoing atrocity committed by the CCP, so no wonder why they are preoccupied with a race-targeted bioweapon. The CCP is a master of perfect crimes as they try to cover up the truth — whether that be the genocide in Xinjiang or the release of COVID-19 as a bioweapon. Being dramatically different from Western ideas, Communist China’s concept of biowarfare involves the clandestine release of bioweapon against civilians during peaceful times, not necessarily during wartime. Several parts of the book mention “undetected”, “silent”, or “traceless” use of bioweapon to exterminate certain ethnic groups. So, bioweapons are not limited to biological warheads carried by missiles or aircraft. The CCP can spray or release bioweapon secretly. Besides, the bioweapon unleashed doesn’t have to be lethal—it can gradually wipe out an ethnic group by lowering their birth rate or fertility. I don’t have the evidence of whether the CCP has ever applied this idea to the genocide in Xinjiang, but the CCP is committing heinous crimes like forced abortion, forced sterilization, and rape against Muslim women.

COVID-19, a bioweapon released by the CCP, cannot be classified as an ethnic bioweapon because it’s not targeting a specific racial group. But imagine if the CCP deliberately releases the virus in foreign countries, such as the US or Europe, the death toll may be predominantly concentrated among certain racial groups. Mr. Miles Guo said the CCP has a plan to destroy the democratic social order created by white people (westerners, Caucasians).

Other Mentions of Race-Targeted Bioweapon

The book has proposed the creation of a race-targeted bioweapon in several instances. Below is another excerpt on page 39, Volume 1.

Gene weapons are also called genetic bioweapons. They are made by inserting special virulence genes into microorganisms through recombination — recombining the four types of nucleotides in the DNA sequence — according to the creator’s intention by genetic engineering. For example, E. coli is a harmless microorganism, but it can be converted into a pathogen after its genes are modified.

Because this type of pathogen can target differences among racial groups, it can only cause diseases in racial groups of certain genetic characteristics and has no effect on other groups. So, the designer of the genetic bioweapon can use this weapon to kill certain groups ‘selectively’, without harming other groups in the same environment.

The original Chinese text is shown below.


The CCP has been obsessed with a race-targeted bioweapon that can kill certain racial groups selectively. Though I cannot verify the existence of such weapons, Communist China is taking the necessary steps for developing such bioweapons, including human DNA collection and the analysis of genetic differences among various groups. Gordon Chang told Fox News that Communist China has been aggressively collecting DNA data from the world’s population, including Americans. DNA data are collected through vaccine trials, buying American companies that have DNA profiles, subsidizing DNA ancestry analysis companies, and hacking. In Chang’s words, access to 80 million DNA profiles gives Communist China the capability to create ethnic bioweapons1. If Gordon Chang is concerned about potential race-targeted bioweapons from Communist China, we should at least pay attention to the risk.


  1. China is Collecting the world’s DNA and the reason is sinister: Gordon Chang“, Sahakian, Teny, FOX News, December 4, 2020.

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My translation and explanation of the PLA’s biowarfare textbook “The Unnatural Origin of SARS-1 and the Man-made Human Virus as a Genetic Bioweapon” are shown below. Chapter 3 is skipped because it delves into basic knowledge such as evolution, mutation, and phylogenic tree, without any direct reference to bioweapons.

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