Three Things Nobody Can Avoid: Birth, Death, Corona-Virus Test

Subtitle Dictation and Translation/PR: CharlesS | Subtitles: Walking in the Rain | Comment: Filon | Comment Translation: Mikehua | Comment PR: xiaoxiaomei

“PRC passport cannot take you to many places, but it can take you back home from any place in the world!”—Wolf Warrior

This quotation was on fire at 2015 when the military theme movie “Wolf Warrior” was on scene. As PRC nationals, we spent all our exactly as the first half of the sentence says. Among 200 sovereign nations in the world, few countries are visa-free for PRC passport holders. While the latter part of the sentence is merely in the movie scene. As many lies the CCP has been telling the Chinese people, it only appears in the movie.

Suffering from an upheaval coup, Autonomous Region Kokang of Myanmar surprisingly issued an executive order in such a ‘CCP-style’. It requires its citizens coming back from foreign nations must take corona-virus test. The wording and sentences from autonomous region government shows the administration is exactly a CCP branch. But the promise”can carry you back home from anywhere in the world”is fenced by the CCP’s long-stretched barbed wire wall. The intention of CCP is all shown in broad daylight.

The CCP always uses propaganda to control its people saying it is serving its people so fantastically. The CCP always tell the people that the Party and the Government have always been paying everything for you. But in reality, people under CCP regime spent their entire life to prove that “I am a citizen, I am not a criminal”.

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