[China Insights] Interview about the National People’s Congress of CCP – Interview with Gao Fu, Director of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Author: Ru Wei
Translator: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

On 6th March, Xinhua News reported that Gao Fu who is a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) asked a reporter from Xinhua News, “Do you think the world is ready for the outbreak of the epidemic from a global perspective?” Communist China has conditionally approved four kinds of vaccines for the market. Gao Fu said that communist China’s vaccine research and development has always been advanced worldwide, and it is preliminarily estimated that vaccine production capacity can keep up with demands. However, it takes a process to transform production capacity to vaccine products, and then transform the products into human immunity. Under the “three-step” vaccination strategy, so far the end of February this year, China has been vaccinated in more than 52 million doses. However, on a global scale, China’s current coverage of the vaccine is still low. When will China build an immune barrier? “Reaching to 70 to 80%, if in a fast speed, it will be the middle of next year. If in a slow way, it will be the end of next year.” Gao Fu estimated.


When a person falls into the water, he wants to catch even straw or leaf if he can not swim. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) seizes the common people’s psychology and creates public opinion and panic which misleads and coerces the rules and regulations. Finally, ordinary Chinese people can only choose to be vaccinated. The CCP has invested a huge amount of money in the country and established a large number of virus laboratories, in the beautiful name of “researching on viruses is good for developing vaccines.”

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a beautiful scientist, has informed the world and the Chinese that the government under the control of the CCP has never successfully developed one kind of vaccine. What do you think the CCP is doing now? I doubt that. If the establishment of these vaccine research centers are for finding new viruses, or testing new viruses and doing experiments to enhance virus functions? Are these centers for developing vaccines? They are not capable of developing vaccines. They only need to continue sending spies to steal vaccines and bribe foreign scientists for buying vaccines. 

From the headline of this news, I feel fear. I feel that the CCP is declaring war on the whole world. If the world does not listen to the CCP and continue to oppose the CCP, then they will continue to study the virus and continue to release the virus until you are all put the knee down to the CCP.

The CCP is the world’s largest mafia. One month after China’s first epidemic report was issued, the COVID-19 became a public health emergency of global concern; in less than three months, the WHO declared a global pandemic; today, one year later, the cumulative number of confirmed affected cases worldwide has exceeded 110 million. The world has never expected that the epidemic “will develop so fast”, and the damage it will cause “unexpected results” to human society. The mafia (CCP) said that overall the epidemic is still developing. In order to build a herd immune barrier, “call on everyone to take the vaccine.” The mafia also said that the durability of the vaccine’s protection is “uncertain”: “The first time humans are exposed to the new coronavirus, it is still not possible to answer how long the vaccine’s antibody protection can last against the virus. There is no answer.” 

Gao Fu pointed out that people over the age of 60 are not required to be vaccinated, mainly because the epidemic prevention and control in China have been done properly, then the risk of the elderly and people with underlying diseases being infected with the CCP virus have been controlled. What Gao Fu said is such ridiculous!

(Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s personal views, not GNEWS. )


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