Chinese Communist Party Uses “Visa Facilitation” To Lure People to China To Get Domestic Vaccines

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Chinese Communist Party has come up with a new tactic to promote domestic vaccines – facilitating visas to China.

The Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong recently issued a notice stating that starting from March 15, it will facilitate visa applicants who have received the coronavirus vaccine produced in China and are in possession of proof of vaccination.

Specific qualifications to facilitate the application include, “Expatriates and their families who come to China to engage in activities to resume work and production in various fields can prepare documents and submit applications in accordance with the requirements before the coronavirus epidemic, i.e., they do not need to provide the PU Letter, TE Letter and Invitation Verification Form from provincial foreign affairs or commercial departments or central enterprises.”

Second, “Appropriately expand the scope of visa issuance for people coming to China for ‘urgent humanitarian needs’. The applicable population is the foreign family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents.”

In addition, “it also includes that holders of valid APEC business travel cards can apply for trade visas with a valid APEC business travel card and an invitation letter issued by an inviting unit in mainland China.”

The notice also emphasizes that “the relevant facilitation is only applicable to visa applicants who have received the coronavirus vaccine produced in China and are in possession of documents certifying the vaccination.” Proof of a negative nucleic acid test and a Travel Track and Health Declaration Form for the past 14 days are no longer required at the time of application submission.

It is unclear whether the simplified procedure will apply to foreigners applying for visas outside of Hong Kong.

The news sparked a buzz on Twitter, with one tweeter saying, “This is a f**king bundle…” “Bandit logic, forced buying and selling.” “Naked vaccine kidnapping, in other areas as well…” “First they released a biological weapon, then they released a vaccine against the disease! Interesting.”

The Chinese Communist Party has been engaged in vaccine diplomacy to increase the influence of domestically produced vaccines in Asia and around the world. However, the CCP-made vaccine has been questioned due to the lack of clinical trial data and has not been approved by regulatory agencies in most Western countries.

Since Hong Kong began vaccination with the Sinovac vaccine, there have been several cases of adverse reactions and deaths. On the 13th, two more people died after receiving Sinovac vaccine, and so far a total of six people have died after receiving Sinovac vaccine. Also on March 13, a 63-year-old man who suffered an acute stroke after receiving the Sinovac vaccine and is now in critical condition.

Earlier in the day the leaders of the United States, Japan, India and Australia held a quadrilateral security dialogue. The Biden administration said the four countries will announce financing agreements to increase vaccine production capacity. The four countries have pledged to help fund India to be able to complete production of at least 1 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine within the year.

Recently, Human Rights Watch published a report on “China’s Dangerous Game on the Coronavirus Vaccine,” saying that the Chinese Communist Party is actively launching a disinformation campaign at home and abroad in an attempt to stir up suspicion about the West’s development of the coronavirus vaccine.

The report alleges that China’s major state-run media, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and the English-language China Daily, teamed up to hype reports of the deaths of elderly Norwegians after receiving the Pfizer vaccine and accused the Western media of downplaying the deaths. In fact, several news agencies have reported on the incident, and the Norwegian authorities have stated that there is no evidence linking the death to the vaccine.

In addition, Liu Xin, a famous anchor of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, shared an unconfirmed report of 10 deaths in Germany, saying they were caused by Pfizer vaccinations, which was retweeted by “diplomatic wa-warrior” Zhao Lijian on Twitter.

Beijing is playing a dangerous game, the report says. Scaring people away from vaccination – by not releasing data on the safety of new domestic vaccines and constantly discrediting foreign vaccines – will only cause the epidemic to continue to fester.

Source: Epoch Times

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