The Biden Administration Has Gotten Tougher on Communist China

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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-March 14, 2021:

• National security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday that tariffs and export controls will not be a top issue when U.S. and China hold their first in-person meeting next week.

o The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempted to buy off the Biden administration with trade deals. Now Sullivan has made it clear before the meeting that the economic issue will not be discussed, but rather the CCP’s provocative actions.

o U.S. stock prices climbed to record highs, but the Biden administration didn’t seem too impressed.

o The republicans will be surely not happy that Sullivan didn’t mention anything about the CCP virus in the press conference.

• The last airport meeting was with the Soviet Union in 1969, after the Sino-Soviet border conflict. Since then, both communist countries were on a freeze in relations.

o The CCP has no spirit of contract at all; it is the killer that undermines the international systems, such as the Communist International and WTO.

• U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Saturday he was traveling to Asia to boost military cooperation with American allies and foster “credible deterrence” against China.

o The Biden administration has gotten tougher on Communist China.

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