Italian Authorities Seize AstraZeneca Vaccine Batch After Man’s Death

Writer: Lois

photo from Reuters

Following the death of 57-year-old music teacher Sandro Tognatti in Italy’s northern region of Piedmont on Monday, prosecutors seized 393,600 shots of the AstraZeneca COVID-19, or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, vaccine.

This incident further damages the credibility of the AstraZeneca vaccine and will likely slow the Italian government’s mass coronavirus vaccination campaign.

The Piedmont regional government suspended use of the potentially dangerous batch, coded ABV5811, on Sunday after Mr Tognatti died from unidentified causes hours after his vaccination.

Furthermore, last week Sicilian magistrates ordered the confiscation of another batch of AstraZeneca vaccine following the sudden deaths of two vaccinated men.

The Italian government stated there was no evidence connecting the deaths with the inoculations. The AstraZeneca vaccine continues to be rolled out across Italy.

Conversely, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland have suspended all vaccinations following blood-clotting incidents in patients, some of which were fatal.

According to Mr Tognatti’s wife, the music teacher received his jab on Saturday afternoon. He developed a fever overnight, and his illness continued into Sunday morning. They called an ambulance but Mr Tognatti died shortly afterwards.

“It is therefore important to ensure that continued administration of the drug throughout the country does not lead to further consequences … until we are completely sure that [Tognatti’s] death cannot be attributed to the above-mentioned inoculation,” stated Teresa Angela Camelio, one of the prosecutors involved.

Reuters. (March 16, 2021). Italy prosecutors seize batch of AstraZeneca vaccine after death of man.

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