When You See Your Brother or Your Sister Suffering, You Must Not Stay Silent

Coming out of the GTV live broadcast on March 14, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo watched a movie, called Red Sea Diving Resort. He recommended his fellow fighters to watch this movie which, based on Miles, was one of the best work showing people how to love their family, compatriots, and brothers and sisters.

Kabede Bimro: “There are thousands more, Ari.”

Ari Levinson: “I know. We gonna go back, okay? I promise.” 

Kabede Bimro: “He kept his promise. We did go back, again and again. We left no one behind. The Red Sea Diving Resort was not truly a hotel, but it embodied a higher truth, perhaps the highest. When you see your brother or your sister suffering, you must not stay silent. Do not remain still. Go to their aid. Help them.”

Miles Guo: You must not stay silent. Do not remain still. Go to their aid. Help them.

“Tens of thousands of Ethiopian refugees were smuggled out with the help of the Israeli navy and air force.”

“There are currently more than 65 million displaced refugees around the world.”

Miles Guo: Not only 65 million. There are 1.4 billion Chinese as well. This film, brothers and sisters, deserves to be watched. It was based on a true story. After my live broadcast today, I went to watch this movie. This is one of the best work on loving your family, your compatriots, and your brothers and sisters. When you have time, you may watch it.

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Video source: https://gtv.org/getter/604e8be9607c4240c8b59928

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