Chinese Industry Is 30 Years Behind, There Is A Lack of Basic Technologies: “Communist China Must Buy Them From Others”

Source: Il quotidiano dell’hi-tech
Author: Sergio Donato
Published Time: 8 March 2021
Translator/ Comment: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

China is at least 30 years behindhand from being a major manufacturing power in the worldwide. The words of the former Minister of Industry highlight communist China’s dependence on core technologies that belong to other nations. A five-year plan to recover in advanced technologies is in progress.

The former Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, said that China is at least 30 years away from becoming a manufacturing “great power” despite boasting some of the most complete industrial chains in the world. The reason for the delay is the lack of proprietary core technologies.

Miao Wei served as the Minister of Industry from 2010 to 2020 and is now a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the government’s highest advisory body. News agencies picked up the statement Miao made to the Chinese Communist Party delegates about slowing China’s manufacturing growth.

The communist China does not have the basic technologies and has to buy them from other nations

Miao stated that “the basic capabilities are still weak” and that “the basic technologies are in the hands of others”. The former minister then issued a warning: “The risk of ‘being hit in the throat’ has significantly increased”.

In 2020, the manufacturing sector accounted for just over a quarter of gross domestic product, the lowest since 2012.

“The ratio of manufacturing output to GDP has fallen too soon and too quickly, which not only weighs on economic growth and affects employment, but also leads to gaps in the security of our industries and diminishes our economy’s ability to resist risks, and its global competitiveness, ” Miao said. 

 According to Miao, although the manufacturing industry has made great progress in recent years, it has remained unchanged. Among the problems limiting the development of high-quality Chinese production, the most important is the inadequacy of market-oriented reforms.

The tech sector lacks talent. The five-year plan for the recovery of the sector is in progress.

Referring to the technology sector, Miao noted that the shortage of innovative and high-tech talent has also significantly limited the development of the sector.

In this regard, the communist China has drawn up the economic plan for the next five years, through which it wants to accelerate the development of advanced technologies, ranging from chips to artificial intelligence, but which will also affect quantum computing, neuroscience, and aerospace industry.


Which technology company in the Chinese Communist Party can be the top in the world? The Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the Communist Party of China also knows the difficulties faced by the Chinese Communist Party in technological upgrading, but he dare not say the resource of the problem. Regardless of the CCP’s plans for several years, the essential problem is the CCP’s political system. The CCP’s dictatorship restricts all aspects of development, not just the development of science and technology.


Editor: Himalaya Italy Ana

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