“Little NATO” Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Between Leaders of US, Japan, India and Australia: CCP Threat Is the Main Topic, Emphasizing the Determination To Respond

  • Author: 刘大嘴
  • Editor: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Proofreader: 阿伯塔
  • Translator: Jenny Ball

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US President Biden, with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Indian Prime Minister Modi, and Australian Prime Minister Morrison held the ” Quadrilateral Security Dialogue” on March 12, Washington time. On the 13th March an article expressing their common vision that the four countries’ joint efforts to build a free and open Indo-Pacific was jointly published on the “Washington Post”.

The article did not mention China by name, but pointed out that the challenge has intensified in recent years. Call for the whole Pacific region to unite, and it is necessary to make joint actions to provide the needed support to this region.

Meanwhile the article also listed the effort on climate change, virus pandemic and technological innovation the important topics and emphasized that success cannot be achieved without coordination and cooperation. At the same time, it is also expected the participation of ASEAN and Pacific countries.

As the world’s second largest economy in GDP, China was not invited to participate in this meeting. That is for the reason. The author believes that the purpose for the leaders of the four countries use the platform of the “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue” to discuss regional security issues and conduct joint naval exercises is to respond to China’s increasingly aggressive posture in the Asia-Pacific region.

On the international front, Sino-U.S. relations are becoming increasingly tense in terms of geopolitics and full-scale rivalry. The United States has seen and has not ignored that the CCP has been secretly undermining Taiwan’s democracy and advocating the expansion of maritime power in the South China Sea.

Domestically, CCP has violated human rights in Xinjiang and Tibet, systematically eroded Hong Kong’s autonomy, and has caused irreparable and huge losses to the lives and economy of people all over the world with the biochemical weapons from Wuhan P4 laboratory.

The four-nation meeting is to gather and strengthen forces to counter the provocations and threats of the CCP, and to form a united front to counter the challenges of the CCP: to hold the CCP accountable for the virus and finally to eliminate the CCP.

The article mentioned at the end: the epidemic of coronavirus is one of the greatest threats to health and economic stability in modern history. We must work together to prevent its spread. The author believes that it indicated the beginning of the world’s awakening. Countries have united to investigate thoroughly the truth of the origin of the virus. We cannot stop its spreading unless the origin is revealed. Once the true is found, there is nothing but united together to destroy the CCP.

The CCP’s crime of genocide against Xinjiang has been convicted by the world. I believe that the CCP will be convicted for its virus war against the world, that is, the unrestricted war of biological and chemical weapons. And look forward to that day coming soon.

Source: RFI

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