[Commentary] CCP Spreads Vaccine Economy in Hierarchy to Control the World

Author: MOS Translation Group – Wenya621

In his March 10, 2021 broadcast, Mr. Guo Wengui mentioned a shocking topic, the CCP’s desire to continuously implement a hierarchy in China and apply this hierarchy globally, to achieve its goal of ruling the world.

The economy, population, education, and geographical regions, in fact, all have an “invisible” hierarchy under the CCP’s regime. This phenomenon has been ongoing for decades. But now, the CCP is ready to legalize this hierarchy by separating the population into three classes: high, middle, and low, aka, “high-end,” “middle-end,” and “low-end” population. According to Mr. Guo Wengui’s broadcasts, the CCP will name those higher echelons of the political realm as the “high-end” population and the common folks as the “low-end.” The “low-end” population will be at the bottom of the pyramid in which they have no opportunity to get out of their class but be enslaved by the higher layers. Simultaneously, the CCP let the three Classes battle with each other in acquiring money, resources, and respect, etc., to better rule and enslave the entire Chinese people. This move will surely bring unimaginable suffering and disaster to the common folks who are living in hardships under the CCP’s ruling. 

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And the CCP is even eviler in its desire to spread this hierarchy system across the world. In fact, if we look at the world on a large scale, the CCP has already divided the world into a hierarchy. 

First, the CCP deployed professionals to the developed countries (or the “high-class” of the world), such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, etc. These professionals are from various fields like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Front Work Department, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Political and Legal Affairs Commission. They have one mission: to persuade these countries that they must take the vaccine and authorize them to be their agents to make profits and get rich together. After that, these CCP-controlled professionals will ask them to implement the “health-card” that uses face recognition technology to monitor everyone’s personal information. Individuals who do not take the vaccine will have restrictions on traveling by trains and planes; neither can they go to certain restaurants nor attending work. The government will deliver a message: people who do not take the vaccines are patients, and they are not allowed to work, travel, or move freely. 

Second, the CCP deems countries in the Middle East as the middle-class. It let them become the proxies for vaccines and implement what is called a “check-in card,” a coding system indented in the body, to brainwash you to believe the benefits of politics, control your people, manipulate your wealth, and hierarchize the society. 

Finally, the CCP categorizes countries in Africa as the “low-class” of the world. It tells the local governments in Africa that this will be their great opportunity because they can put labels on different people according to their vaccination status. If someone dares to withstand the government, the person will be legally arrested. In this way, both the local governments and the CCP will achieve their goal of suppressing the people on the grounds with the excuse of “suspended cases.”

In fact, by dividing the world into high, middle, and low classes, the CCP has cultivated a new group of political forces by using the BGY scheme to infiltrate the world. It uses the newly developed “vaccine economy,” vaccine hierarchy, and vaccine warfare during peacetime to control the world. We all know the danger of the Covid vaccines, and if the CCP has its way to fully achieving the “vaccine economy,” mankind will even face a greater disaster. The most effective way to avoid the disaster is to quickly exterminate this evil and wicked party – the Chinese Communist Party.

Contributor: Rica Machioni   |  Reviewer: Irene

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