2021-3-14 MILES GUO: Art Improving Parent-Child Relationships

Translator: CT Pangu Farm – 郭班之樱
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On March 14th, Mr. Guo broadcasted the part about parent-child relationship advice, sorting out the shorthand from Dumbo

Three suggestions for children for getting along with their parents:

  1. When dealing with parents, you usually don’t need to listen to what your parents want you to

do their way or them using themselves as example to treat their children. But, you can’t refute. Instead, you have to listen carefully and let it go later. Listen carefully if you want to surpass your parents, but never keep it in mind.

  • Regarding any quarrels between parents or any unhappiness in family life, you have to think

about the fact that without parents, children suffer from many problems such as cancer, and use the hedging method to deal with these things. It is better to have parents than not. Manage to hedge against family tragedies and all parental conflicts. You must not interfere you parents’ privacy and do not judge the lives of your parents.

  • In any case, you are fortunate to have parents, your parents are your opportunities, and your

parents are the best coordinates for where you are going in the future. Being good to your parents will certainly bring you unimaginable legendary luck. Respect, filial piety, and understanding of your parents are the key to your success. This is the magic of heaven.

Regarding parents educating their children:

1.The biggest gift that parents give to their children is that they must not be shy and fearful.

Shyness and fear are the roots of everything that hurts children.

2.Let children be exposed to nature and have them exercise more. Children who spend more

time outside would most likely be more successful than children who stay at home. At most, the indoors should be limited to churches and schools. Children who are away from their parents would be more successful than those who have been around their parents.

3.For children who love to learn, and all children who are willing to stay in school and do not love to learn, the education of those children should be left to the teachers. Teachers will not be replaced. Parents put children who don’t like school in school, which isn’t good, and parents keep pushing children who love school, which is also not good. Children who are in one of these situations should be educated from school. There are two periods of time where parents are the most important for their children. They must be with their children from newborn to 2 years old, and spend more time with them before they turn to the age of 13 to get in touch with nature and exercise more. After 13 years of age, children’s world view, life view is basically set. Now children are spending time on their devices and computers. It’s better for them to go to museums. Spending two days in a museum is more useful than learning from a history teacher. It makes children interested in the subject and would get twice the result with half the effort. Children with parents who push them are most likely to give up halfway and fail to learn well.

Note: Please view the full video of Mr. Guo for reference

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