Declaring CCP’s Crime in Xinjiang as Genocide Is a Biggest Gift to NFSC

In his Getter broadcast on January 19, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said that it was the biggest day for the Whistleblower Movement (WM) and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) because the U.S. government formally designated the CCP’s crime in Xinjiang as genocide. This is a big present from the Secretary of State Pompeo to the WM and the NFSC’s cause to take down the CCP.

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Hello, my dear brothers-in-arms! It is January 19, 2021, the biggest day for our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. The US government has given us a very good present for this day, declaring the CCP’s crimes in Xinjiang as genocide. Whatever people say, brothers and sisters, it was the WM and the NFSC that proposed this first, took real actions and pushed it forward, for the CCP to be eventually defined as a crime organization and terrorist group that committed genocide. What does this mean? This means that members of the CCP will be listed as terrorists if they do not join our Whistleblower Movement. 

All of the CCP’s money is money from committing crimes. Everyone in the world will be responsible for punishing, containing and eliminating the CCP and these crime groups. And it is a legal thing to do. As Mr. Hao Haidong said when reading the declaration on June 4, this is a need of justice. [We need to] make elimination of the CCP a global action of justice, a legal action of justice. If you trade and collude with the CCP, if you take their money or have any relationship with them, then you are colluding with a crime group that committed genocide. 

Only Mr. Bannon from the War Room and our brother the Secretary of State Pompeo could achieve this. Brothers and sisters, you must remember what Miles said in the last three years. Our friends and brothers-in-arms in America are far beyond those that you can see. On January 19, the most important day to Lude Media, the Secretary of State Pompeo gave us a big present. He gave a big present to the WM and the NFSC’s cause to take down the CCP. You know who was behind all this? It was our greatest brother-in-arms. You’ll know who he is in the future. It was him who risked his life, withstood all the pressure and pushed this great moment forward at the last minute. January 19, one-one-nine, when reversed, is 911. This is America’s 911 action against the CCP. Several years ago, the CCP once thought the September 11 attacks would prolong their feeble existence for another ten or twenty years. Today, however, the Americans have unfolded the most effective action by taking down the CCP with 911. 

Countless people called to congratulate. Countless people called to say that this is the greatest step in the cause of taking down the CCP. I told them “No!” Our January 19 Incident (referred to the Lude Show on Jan 19, 2020, which first broke the news about the CCP virus), Hainan Airlines Incident, and Hong Kong Movement. Never forget that Hong Kong is our holy city. My friends in Xinjiang, your sorrow is that there has been no real hero coming out of Xinjiang but a bunch of scumbags of democracy and traitors. But we will take revenge for our Xinjiang friends. We will not forget Xinjiang and Tibet. We have even bigger actions for Tibet. I can tell everyone that our action today is not the last course of the big meal. There will be more dishes to serve. Remember the words of Miles. CCP, you are done!

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