the People of Myanmar and the Chinese Have Suffered Because the CCP Supports for Military Coup in Myanmar

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

the People of Myanmar and the Chinese Have Suffered Because the CCP Supports for Military Coup in Myanmar.

Since the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, tensions in Myanmar have continued to escalate. Although the Burmese people strive for peaceful protest, they have been violently suppressed. Due to the CCP’s support for the Myanmar military, anti-China sentiment in Myanmar has intensified. Chinese and Taiwan-funded companies have been attacked in protests.

Although it is not certain where the attack came from, under the malicious instigation of the CCP, the misunderstanding between the Burmese people and the Chinese people has continued to deepen. In fact, both parties have a common enemy. Only by overthrowing the CCP can the CCP’s dictatorship in China be ended. And put an end to the CCP’s evil practices of manipulating the politics of other countries.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party media reported that some people carried iron rods, axes and gasoline and destroyed 10 Chinese-funded enterprises in Yangon, and several Chinese personnel were injured. Although it cannot be confirmed that the attack came from protesting masses, or it was a self-directed and self-performed behaviour by the CCP.

The incident did further deepen the misunderstanding of the Chinese and Myanmar people. The CCP, in its usual way, provoked hatred and struggle among the people, and finally reaped the benefits in the end.

In order to realise the expansion of its regime and divert its international attention of releasing biochemical viruses, violently suppressing the people of Hong Kong and Xinjiang, the CCP support the Burmese military to launch a coup. Recently, an unconfirmed news has been widely circulated that the CCP has sent IT technicians to help the Myanmar military build a firewall. The news aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Burmese people.

Although the CCP government denies this statement, the behaviour that the CCP established firewall in China proved that this is the CCP’s consistent method of ruling the people. At the same time, all kinds of misleading news aggravated the inner dissatisfaction of the Burmese people and the Chinese.

On the Internet, Chinese people who did not know the truth also posted bad comments on the Internet to attack the Burmese protesters. But in this coup, both the Burmese people and the Chinese are victims. The CCP and Burmese military’s bad practices require the people to bear the consequences, which is obviously unfair.

The evil regime cannot stop the awakened Chinese and Burmese. Our resistance in pursuit of democracy and freedom will surely be victorious in the end. The New Federal State of China respects and supports everyone who resists tyranny. We refuse the CCP to represent us, and we refuse to bear the consequences for the CCP’s evil deeds. The Chinese people and the Burmese people are now fighting evil in their own way. Holding on, the dawn will come soon.

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