[Bombshell] One of the CCP’s “Perfect Crime” Strategies: Dragging American Elites into the Scandal of Biological Weapons Research and Development (Part 2)

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The CCP Is Fully Capable of Engineering Deadly Viruses

Whether in terms of resources or research results, CCP is a world leader in the field of coronavirus research. Dr. Malik Peiris of the University of Hong Kong is a top one expert in the world and is a leading authority in the field of global coronavirus research.

SARS could possibly be a genetically engineered virus and biological weapon manufactured by the CCP. In November 2002, pneumonia (SARS) caused by coronavirus broke out in Guangdong and quickly spread throughout China. It took six months to control the epidemic. This could be a successful SARS artificial virus biological weapon experiment.

Zhoushan Bat

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that caused the global pandemic is a chimeric hybrid virus with the Zhoushan bat coronavirus ZC45 and ZXC22 as the backbone of the CCP virus [14]. The key technology involved genetic engineering methods to change the receptor-binding motif (RBM) of the spike protein so that the wild-type Zhoushan bat virus that could not infect humans can now infect humans. Another key technology is to use genetic engineering methods to add the Furin restriction sites between the spike proteins S1/S2. The CCP fully grasps all the technologies for producing artificial viruses. For example, Dr. Li Fang was the first person in the world to structurally elucidate the mechanism of SARS-CoV’s RBM action, and he was also a top expert in studying how the viral spike protein functions in infecting human cells [15] [16]. In 2010, “Batwoman” Dr. Shi Zhengli and “Batman” Dr. Wang Linfa created a hybrid virus made of SARS and HIV virus [17] [18]. Dr. Shi Zhengli and other researchers of the Wuhan P4 Laboratory are very proficient in the research of adding the Furin restriction sites [19] [20].

The CCP Has No Shortage of Funds to Engineer the Virus

Batwoman Shi Zhengli has been collecting viruses from all over the world including more than 1,000 deadly viruses, such as a large number of bat coronaviruses. After the first SARS outbreak in 2002, the CCP spent a huge amount of money to establish P3 and P4 laboratories. Using a common coronavirus as the backbone, the cost of making a chimeric hybrid virus is extremely low, and it can be done by a few scientists, taking less than six months.

Horseshoe bat

The Real Reason for the Cooperation Between the Chinese Communist Party and American Elites

Now that CCP has the necessary technology and no shortage of money, why does it have to cooperate with these elites in the United States? It is one of CCP’s “Perfect Crime” strategy. That is to find ways to pull elites from the United States into the mire, get them involved in the scandal of biological weapons research and development, make them indistinguishable from themselves in the future, and put the United States to shame!

The CCP knows that the whole world will dig into the bottom of the truth about the source of the virus. The CCP is well versed in power struggles. In ancient China, there is a historic court fighting tactic, i.e. instigating a prince to break the law and then use him as a scapegoat to make the emperor and his kingdom reluctant to pursue the justice. Here CCP have orchestrated this tactic to cope with the unrestricted biowarfare crime they committed. American elites are being used to humiliate and smear the United States. CCP’s wishful thinking is that it is best, as before, to use wild animals as a scapegoat for the virus’ host, so that the world will never discover the truth. If the CCP can’t deny it at last, then it can shift the blame to the United States. This is a strategy they have been planning for a long time, and they have dug many traps over the years. Dr. Barrick, Dr. Collins, Dr. Fauci, the U.S. government, and the U.S. military, even President Obama are all linked to the gain of function research. If you want to pursue the truth about the virus, almost no one is innocent at the end. Americans will be too embarrassed and humiliated to pursue the truth about the origin of the virus.

We have to admit that CCP’s conspiracy is indeed malicious, and the United States is shamed for it. However, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China has thoroughly exposed CCP’s evil conspiracy and brought it into broad daylight. Although colluded with CCP, most of the so-called American elites were victims deception, set up and blackmailed by CCP and it is uncomfortable to be extorted. Therefore, we advise the so-called elites in the United States to lay down your burdens and stand up to expose the truth about the virus and redeem yourself. You might still have a chance to be forgiven by people around the world. Anyone who still believes that the truth can be covered up is engaging in wishful delusion. Soon, the CCP will be convicted of making biological weapons. You will be sold out immediately by the CCP because you have been in bed with them and left tons of evidence (such as jointly published articles and money funded the Wuhan P4 virus laboratory). It is time to stand up to the CCP!

(The End)

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