Xilter Is Turning China into Nazi Germany

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-March 18, 2021:

• The joint statement of the Korea – U.S. foreign and defense ministerial meeting (“2+2”) didn’t mention Communist China at all, which makes the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) once again feels that U.S., China meeting in Alaska have a chance to take a lead.

o Unlike Japan, South Korea borders North Korea and Communist China, and the CCP has long infiltrated it, so it is understandable that Communist China is not mentioned in the joint statement. But the fact that they can have a high-level strategic dialogue with the U.S. speaks a lot about their stand.

o South Korea must take a firm stand with the free nations, and or it will be reclaimed by North Korea to become the next Hong Kong.

o The CCP is attempting to use the Korean Peninsula as a bargaining chip to bring Mongolia and Russia in with them against the U.S. and its alliance.
• South China Morning Post: No ‘unrealistic expectations’ for Alaska meeting

o The CCP is trying to give itself an out by saying the U.S. visited Japan and South Korea first in order to bargain with them afterward.

o Blinken must discuss the virus, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Xinjiang issues in this meeting, or he could be removed from power after the trip. The U.S. is determined to take down the CCP.

o Xi Jinping has been blinded by his ignorance and he is turning China into Nazi Germany.

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