Tucker Show – White Abolition in American Education System, Chinese Americans Strong Defenders

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Not long ago, the popular Tucker Show on Fox News interviewed Christopher Rufo, the first person to report on the phenomenon of “white abolition” in the American education system. He confirmed this is wrong, and that the Asian communities on the West Coast of the United States are the last defenders of meritocracy.


As we said this stuff festers and it will change the way this country operates long term because no one ever exposes the details to sunlight.  In some cases they’re too shocking and others they’re too embarrassing but in many cases parents are just too afraid.  So again we’re going to give you another example.  This is from new york city.  The principal of East Side Community School in New York – the school teachers grades 6 through 12 has sent white parents something called a tool for action.  The school tells them these parents must become and we’re quoting white traitors and then advocate for full White Abolition.

“White abolition” what the hell does that mean?  We’re not sure.  We know the tools for action call for “dismantling whiteness and not allowing whiteness to reassert itself”.  

Now if you want to make people super paranoid and crazy, say things like this out loud to their children! Especially since as far as we know you can’t change your skin color.  So attacking people on the basis of it is always a dead end.  It’s always a recipe for disunion and worse.  So why are we allowing it? Christopher Rufo was the very first to report on this.  He’s the director of the discovery institute we’re happy to have him on tonight.

Chris thanks a lot for joining us it’s hard to believe these are direct quotes.


Yeah it is but tucker this all emerges from a theory called the pedagogy of the oppressed, that is now being taught in school districts around the country it comes from a 1960s and 70s Brazilian Marxist named Paulo Frere, who said that we need to use the schools to develop critical consciousness among students who will then grow up to have revolutionary potential to overthrow a dictatorial and oppressive society.  And when you look at these things in that context they’re using this very a deeply divisive racialized language not just for race itself but to pursue this kind of radical marxist political program that I think underlies all of these specific examples you’re tackling today.


Is it legal to single out parents or children on the basis of their skin color for attacks.  I mean haven’t we spent the last 50 years saying that was a bad thing.  How is this allowed?  


We have but as you talked about with Jason it’s this shift away from equality which was colorblindness and equal protection under the law towards equity which is active discrimination to rectify any racial disparities.  And i’m actually working with a coalition of lawyers and law firms to start filing lawsuits we believe absolutely that it’s against a violation of the civil rights act of 1964.  But the fact is that this is all very new it’s emerged in the last few years there isn’t any case law uh we’re hoping eventually to get to the supreme court and establish once and for all, that these critical race theory based pedagogical programs are not only morally bankrupt but actually direct violations of the constitution and the civil rights act.

Of course they are.  And I would say that no matter which race was being singled out.  It’s wrong it’s always wrong.  This is a universal principle which we must defend.  Very quickly you’re gathering it sounds like a coalition of people to finally fight back.  Since the congress the republicans the congress are doing literally nothing to save the country. 


Do you meet in the course of talking to people about this any liberals who say yeah i’m on your side, not because i agree with you on a lot of things but like we’ve always been against this we have to be against this.  Do you ever meet any liberals like that?


I do but really they’re basically shamed and intimidated and bullied into silence. But i will share this tucker, there is one community that is successfully fighting back that has shut down these programs in schools it’s the Asian American community on the west coast.  They’re not afraid of being labeled white supremacists which is absurd.  They’re deeply committed to academics and education and they’re really the last defenders of meritocracy.  They want their kids to learn and succeed.  They escaped the cultural revolution in china, and they’ve come here for the American system and they’re now really the greatest defenders of it and i think we can look to them for leadership and alliances and pushing back.


Well god bless them and they anybody with that point of view is welcome on this show.


Any day and i appreciate your coming on tonight Chris Rufo thank you.

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