[March 16, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[March 16, 2021] Video translation

Honorable fellow fighters! Today is March 16th, I will skip the bouncing part, though it won’t be nice without the bouncing. Since coming out of the live broadcast the day before yesterday, many fellow fighters sent me ideas about the elderly and filial piety including their own stories, very touching.  Several fellow fighters told me that they took their parents out [of China] to live with them especially after they settled down in the West. Some parents already had symptoms of dementia. Talking about this always gives me goosebumps.  

The numbers of dementia cases in China probably ranked either second or third in the world. Who was ranked first? In the past, it was a place called Saipan, close to Japan, known for the battle (referred to the Battle of Saipan in WWII). It was completely due to the climate reason, but now it is not No. 1 any more, rather China should be ranked first or second. A guy in my sister-in-law’s family, his mother, who lived in Zhengzhou Yuda before, had dementia, and then got lost and never came back. How painful it was to her son is beyond imagination – a mother long gone without any clues. There are many cases in China like this. Some seniors suffering from dementia got lost and trapped by [bad] people and treated as a sex tool like an animal, way too many cases like this.

One of our fellow fighters told me that after his/her mother was brought overseas, she suffered from incontinence every day, often wetting her pants too quickly before anyone could get to her. This fellow fighter has taken care of her for many years, way beyond what our friend Kalie has done. This person is one of our “chairs” (referred to investors of GTV at the 1st round of private placement). When reading these messages sent to me, my body couldn’t stop shaking because I knew everything and understood every single word being said. There are too many such stories around me. I fully support some of this person’s views, but I can’t completely agree on some others.

Now people such as Mr. Virtue on GTV, many of them are talking to you about the theories.  That’s all right. Such theories have been talked about for thousands of years in China. I think the Chinese no longer need any theory, especially about filial piety, they only need determination and actions, both of which must be contingent upon something. The first thing is to solve the problem of financial support. Just like those few fellow fighters, including the one whose mother came to the West and suffered from mental disorders, he couldn’t go to work because he needed to take care of his mother and was stuck like that for more than ten years. This is completely a special case, but under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it has become something common, [as there are too] many abnormal cases.  Why is that? Because there exists no social security system, or medical system for the Chinese. There is no social work system to protect people’s human rights, and of course, that includes Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders and their harm to the family. Letting your filial piety ruin your whole life is not fair to you, nor should be allowed.

[I’m] absolutely opposed to blind loyalty and filial piety, especially when it is at the expense of your life, which is absolutely not allowed. Even more I’m opposed to exploitation, or, in other words,  appropriation of your asset, time and life by any means under the name of filial piety. Those are all unusual cases, and hence are beyond the scope of our discussion [about honoring parents]. How to deal with these unusual cases? It should be relied on the laws and the economic base, and the mutual respect for the beliefs and morals of the society, together with its economic strength. It should not be solely dependent upon reasoning with people or advocating morality and its discipline on people’s thoughts and behaviors, which is simply not achievable. That is why many people gave all kinds of advice. But do you have any solutions? If you don’t have any solutions,  then no need to talk so much. Pointless. Do you have the ability? No. Then talk no more because talking is useless.

For example, I myself, have thoughts about this before, but I will hold my thoughts for several more years. I, Miles Guo, am on the risk management list, as a high-risk person, of all financial institutions around the world because the People’s Bank of China issued it everywhere. That includes our colleagues, even those in the US. This is their means to hurt us. So under my name, there is no share of equity or stock. But in the future after this thing is finished, the CCP is finished, I can have stock options. It is possible for me to buy back lots of stocks. And I will have a lot of money at that time, right? I tell you, I, Miles Guo, will donate no less than 20% of my money. I can let the world know, by announcing it online, that 20% of my money will be donated to help China’s demented elderlies, disabled elderlies, especially the widowed and orphans overseas. I will set up a fund subject to real multi-national regulation and monitoring, which will not be a charity, nor an NGO. It will be under the supervision of the laws and professional management of financial institutions and then with sustained support from the New Federal States of China (NFSC). It will be dedicated to taking care of these elders.

If you ask me by saying, “Miles, what actions will you take?” I told a friend last night that when the NFSC fully establishes its economic and political system in the future, I will definitely require the powerful Himalaya farms to set aside a certain amount of money, dedicated to help the elderly, and build a welfare system for China’s seniors and youths, for the youth to go to school and the elderly to get their support. 

For those with dementia, we must have a very large welfare system. This will absolutely be different from the one in the US, which only sends money and gives insurance to seniors. Ours will be way better and more humane. We must have a system to take care of seniors, demented seniors, the diseased, and all those who need care, such as Kallie’s mother and the three fellow fighters’ demented parents, who’ve ruined half of their lives. For such filial fellow fighters, we should free up their time so that they could fulfill their own mission. Let those professionals take good care of the seniors and use their time to exchange for money. It’s contrary to the nursing homes in China where the elderly may get their reproductive organs removed, be raped, slapped, stuffed in their mouth with shit, and even gang raped. We cannot allow such inhumane crimes to happen. First things first, we must have a social security system, money and technology, and the NFSC will have all of them. 

For example, next, G-News, or the further Getter, or the future G-Coin Holdings, will be listed, and whoever wants to buy these stocks must agree with a plan, called “1777 plan” by me. Of course, you need to be a NFSC citizen first, otherwise, we won’t allow you to to buy the stocks. This 1777 plan is that you must agree to give 1.777% of your earnings to your senior parents. Who do senior parents include? Your father and mother, your father-in-law and your mother-in-law, they are whom you must take care of. That is, 1.77% of your earnings will be automatically deducted from your account and allocated to those seniors’ account. That is to say when you come across this best investment opportunity, you must sign a consent form, reporting what seniors you have in your family, and agreeing that this part (1.77%) of the money you earn [from the investment] will be automatically go to the seniors in your family. For this legal agreement, we will designate a country, for example, the US or European countries, to set up a local legal organization and ask people from the bar association to monitor this organization. They will be paid to to supervise and make sure the money will be automatically transferred to the hands of the seniors, who must spend the money legally, and the tax will be taken care of.

This 1.77%, let’s take someone as an example, our brother Hao Haidong has parents and Sister Ye Zhaoying has her parents, then this 1.77% will go to these four senior people. If there are three seniors, then money is given to the three seniors, leaving no one behind. This is called taking actions that I’m always talking about. You can talk about 10,000 things but nothing will be more real than this one action.

Another most important thing is that it must be linked to medical plans. When a senior starts to have symptoms such as incontinence, Alzheimer’s disease, to a certain extent, the 1.77 fund will kick in. If your family cannot provide sufficient support, you can send a request to this fund to ask for help, and the fund can then help you by hiring care givers and connecting you with doctors and hospitals in our network. 

In the future, our G-Clubs will have this. It will reach out and cooperate with many hospitals and insurance companies. For those who purchased the G-Clubs membership, we hope that in the future it will have a pension plan for the elderlies and an education plan for kids who can’t afford to go to school. Everyone has to contribute a certain amount of money to enable these two funds to implement these plans. This is Brother Seventh’s envision of the future, with no legal binding. 

So many people asked me what Brother Seven would do. By the time you asked, Brother Seven has long been ready. Absolutely. If the NFSC is not able to take care of the elderly or make sure children can go to school and get necessary protection, then countless people will become Yang Gailan alike in China. First we must build a G ecosystem and G series. You must first make enough money, then you have the right to speak. When you have no money, live a miserable life and even ask for mercy from other people, you can’t voice yourself, right? [We hear] people talk theory. Theory is very critical, but when you do not have the ability to take actions or money, everything is nonsense.

This segment is done, I will come back for another one. Let me send this one out first because everyone is waiting.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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