The Chinese Communist Party Outrageously Attacks the U.S. Human Rights Issues

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Jenny Ball

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At the Alaska meeting, the CCP repeatedly mentioned the themes of the left-wing such as “American Human Rights Crisis” and “Black Lives Matter” to attack and smear the overall image of the United States.

At a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday, Chinese top foreign policy diplomat Yang Jiechi rebuked US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and cited “Black Lives Matter” to accuse the United States of committing the crime of human rights violation.

When Blinken talked about the CCP’s disgraceful conduct in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Taiwan, CCP diplomat Yang Jiechi retorted: “China firmly opposes the United States’ interference in China’s internal affairs… Regarding human rights, we hope that the United States will make improvements in human rights instead. China has made steady progress in human rights. However, there are many human rights issues in the United States, and the American people acknowledge this… The challenges the United States faces in human rights issues are deep-rooted. They have not only occurred in the past four years, such as “Black Lives Matter.”

The CCP’s Global Times also pointed out that the CCP protested against the Washington team who hold the view of “putting human rights issues above the sovereignty”. This is unacceptable to the Chinese.

Another CCP’s official media, Daily China, also fanned the flames on Twitter. Daily China’s editor-in-chief Chen Weihua tweeted that “After four years of Trump’s rogue administration, stop even to think of intimidating and blackmailing China. “

Obviously, this dialogue was not meant to solve the problem from the very beginning. The CCP needs such stimulation to boost the climax of Wumaos(those who earn five cents for each twitter posted for CCP)  and fenhongs(the CCP’s frantic supporters) . The CCP’s condemnation of the so-called human rights issue in the United States is obviously outrageous. However, it is clearly the American left-wing media’s advocacy that has provided ammunition for the CCP’s accusation such as its promotion of BLM to intensify the racial conflict.

In recent years, the left-wing media has largely focused on reporting such racial conflicts. For example, in the recent shootings involving coloured people, instead of whether or not it’s a case of the police correctly defended themselves, the media reported that the US police discriminated against colored races.

Any country would have some human rights or ethnic issues at a certain period of time. But we must remember that the CCP has never stopped at racial discrimination and its extent and time span of CCP’s extinction of human kind is all-time unparalleled and beyond the history book. And such crime of genocide is still implementing. Hundreds of millions of Uyghurs, Tibetans, Dais, Yi, Mongols and even Han nationalities have been persecuted by the CCP.

The West, which has a different ideology from the CCP, has been deeply penetrated and undermined by the CCP. The CCP has even developed and released the CCP virus, which directly threatens the survival of mankind, and the CCP is the worst enemy of mankind ever.

Although the Biden administration has acted against the Chinese Communist Party recently, its policies are still ambiguous and not firm enough. Also lack of substantive and powerful punch. Let’s hope that the current US government, all western countries and the world will recognize the true enemy, put aside internal disputes and contradictions, so to concentrate the efforts to hold the CCP accountable and pay the price of destruction.

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