Vote by running away

Author: Alvin “Chenhao” Guo)

Editor: Amos wenye

Background: Two weeks ago, the CCP highly praised 4 young soldiers who died in the border conflict and 1 regiment leader who suffered only minor injuries. After the CCP armed colonized Tibet in the 20th century, the CCP has always provoked its neighbor India; the CCP likes to used Chauvinism to divert domestic dissatisfaction with the CCP’s tyranny; Xi Jinping, like Kim Jong-un, has fake external deceptions to sacrifice Chinese lives for his private tyranny. The 5 CCP soldiers crossed the China and India border under the regiment commander Qi Fabao in June 2020. During the border conflict, China and India had a physical conflict; 4 communist soldiers covered the regiment commander Qi Fabao to flee and died in the physical conflict. The youngest of the four CCP soldiers who died in the conflict was only 19 years old; a 19-year-old youth was brainwashed by the CCP to fight against the threat of non-existence and sacrificed his life. The regiment commander, who was the first to evacuate and survived, was rewarded for this illegal border crossing. The bones of the dead fearless youth became the stepping stone for the promotion of CCP officials, which is a horrible tragedy.

The conflict between the CCP and India on the border is another miracle in CCP history. The CCP has once again shown to the world that its commanders are both thieves and cowards. The former is world-renowned for its wealth stolen from Chinese people and timidity. The latter is a reappearance of the historical Long March. I will briefly compare the deeds of the CCP and U.S. military officers, briefly describe the CCP’s cruelty to its own soldiers, and make some suggestions for changing the status quo.

(1) Selfless commie

The CCP regiment commander demonstrated the cowardly nature of the CCP in this conflict; a friend from the U.S. Air Force told me that the first goal of an officer is to complete the task, and the second is to bring his boys back. I have never participated in a war, and I do not comment too much on the cowardly behavior of the CCP officers in the battle. However, the officer did not complete the mission assigned to him by the CCP (the CCP’s illegal mission is best not to be completed), nor did he bring his boys back (all his 4 soldiers were killed, and he only suffered minor injuries. ), as an officer, Qi Fabao is unqualified.

In a similar border conflict, U.S. army officers showed a completely different sense of responsibility; on August 18, 1976, the U.N. commander in Panmunjom decided to cut down a poplar tree that prevented North Korea and South Korea from overseeing each other on the ceasefire. While the U.N. soldiers cut down the poplar tree, a large number of North Korean soldiers blocked and beat the U.N. soldiers. Captain Arthur Bonifas, the commander from the U.S. Army, stood in front of a group of North Korean soldiers and protected his boys.

As a result, Captain Arthur Bonifas was a victim of a concentrated attack by North Korean Soldiers and was killed with an ax. Lt. Mark Barrett was beaten in a concentrated manner as well and later died of injuries. These two U.S. army officers are the only casualties on the U.N. side in this border conflict; these two officers tried their best to protect their boys; they understood that they should shout “boys follow me” in the battle, not “Comrades, give a charge.”

The family of a brown-haired girl in my class has been in the military for generations; her ancestor was general Zebulon Pike who died in Canada during the War of 1812, and her father was a Marine and Army officer who died in Iraq. She aspires to become a police officer and has traveled to Iraq many times for mission. Looking at the kids of CCP officers, the princelings, almost without exception, relied on their family to make money; and then turned into the pinko’s Chinese students among us. The sense of responsibility of the American officers and General Zhang Zizhong and Admiral Deng Shichang is something the CCP officers could never learn. They don’t want to learn to sacrifice but left the communist soldiers to die for them. They are shameless descendants of China. The CCP officials care about their personal careers, but the dead body of young boys are left to their Gray-haired parents who lost their only child, thanks to the one-child policy. 

(2) The joyful death of superheroes

The greatest commonality between the CCP and the old Japanese militia is to force soldiers to make meaningless sacrifices; the old Japanese army required the soldiers to perform suicide attacks even if they had already sunk enemy ships, they still needed to be killed in the battle. In contrast, the CCP had deprived their soldiers’ chance to survive/ surrender when sacrifice is meaningless.

The regulations of the Communist PLA stipulate that soldiers can be injured and captured in a coma after individually killing 40 enemies, or destroying 5 tanks, or shooting down 2 enemy aircraft. Such regulations are clearly designed for Schwarzenegger or Batman. What’s more, is, it is impossible to confirm the result of a single soldier by himself; according to the CCP’s standards, even Schwarzenegger and Batman cannot prove their innocence. In short, the CCP considers that only the dead are the most loyal; the Communist officers themselves are cowardly like a mouse, but forcing the young men to die for them is evil.

The corresponding U.S. military rule is never to surrender to the enemy if they can fight; the conscientious surrender is still regarded as a hero. General Jonathan Wainlet surrendered to the Japanese in the Philippines after running out of ammunition and food and spent 3 years in a prison camp in Manchuria; he was rescued after the Japanese surrender and then attended the Japanese surrender ceremony as a representative of the United States and was promoted to the upper rank and was the recipient of the Medal of Honor for his courageous leadership during the fall of the Philippines.

In the movie “Heroic Sons and Daughters,” Wang Cheng shouting “fire at me for victory” is a revolutionary heroism story highly praised by the CCP and one of the most famous political propaganda of the CCP. The prototype of this story is a brave Communist soldier named Jiang Qingquan, who was captured by the United Nations Forces in Pork Chop Hill. After knowing that he had no hope of breaking through the siege, he decided to call the artillery to support his country as a martyr. After his own artillery bombardment, Jiang Qingquan survived miraculously; Jiang Qingquan was stunned by the artillery shells, was captured by the U.N. army, and became a prisoner of war. Jiang Qingquan fabricated false information to confuse the UN Force in the POW camp and continue to work for Communist China’s Army, but his deed of sacrifice has not been resolved by consensus. When Jiang Qingquan volunteered to repatriate back to China because of his loyalty to the Communist Party, instead of going to the Republic of China, what awaited him was expelled from the party and militia, lost his job, was tortured in the political movement, especially in the Culture Revolution, because he was a Prisoner of War, for the CCP, he a traitor; at the age of 93, he can only make a living by selling insoles on the streets where urban management is rampant because he has no pension and other sources of income. The irony is that his heroic deeds buried by the CCP were noticed and reported by American reporters; this caused the CCP’s national propaganda machinery to operate at full speed to cover up the “international impact.” The CCP’s rumors on Baidu Baike were he was respected and honored as a hero. The CCP cares more about its international reputation than its own soldier; the CCP’s media and government do not care about its soldiers as much as its enemies do.

(3) Vote by running away

Thanks to the basic national policy of one child, most of today’s Communist soldiers are only children; parents take their children as hope, while CCP officials use the dead bones of these children as a stepping stone to the sky. Every individual should have freedom, the right to pursue personal happiness. Resistance and departure are the two most realistic choices.

Life should be as dazzling as fireworks. Instead of being humble and endless like candles, many brave people have resisted the CCP’s tyranny by direct action. In the Jianguomen incident in 1994, the wife of Lieutenant Tian Mingjian of the Communist Army was forced to abort because of family planning, and the child in the same womb was killed. Lieutenant Tian Mingjian, who was in grief and anger, was on the street in Jianguomen after killing the superior officer. He desperately fired at civilians, resulting in more than 100 casualties. Lieutenant Tian Mingjian’s slaughter of civilians is a terrorist attack and is unjust. The dazzling resistance to the tyranny of the CCP is exciting, but China needs brave people to survive.

In 1976, Lieutenant Belenko, an unsuccessful Soviet Russian air defense air force pilot, defected to Hokkaido, Japan, in the most modern Soviet MiG-25 interceptor. Because of his outspoken character, Lieutenant Belenko repeatedly faced the challenges faced by the military at higher levels. The problem is, he suffered a cold reception and failed to become the test pilot of his dreams. Because of being squeezed out by the leaders of the Russian Communist Party, Lieutenant Belenko, who has excellent flying skills, was assigned to the remote Far East; Lieutenant Belenko, who was humiliated, decided to abandon the dark and fly to freedom. Belenko, who came to a free society, eventually became a test pilot and aeronautical engineer of NASA; his MiG-25 aircraft solved the doubts about the advanced performance of the aircraft for the Western world and was a bit of a worry for the Western society at that time. A reassurance pill. The bureaucracy was defeated by free thought; Lieutenant Belenko voted with his feet very wisely and gave a resounding slap in the face of insulting his socialist system. Belenko’s experience confirms an Eastern saying—the East is not bright, and the West is not bright. I suggest that the Communist volunteers on the Sino-Indian border and the front line of the strait seek every opportunity to travel, drive a plane, be alone, or make concerted efforts to revolt and cross the front and depart for freedom.

Voting bravely with your feet can bring freedom to yourself, but what about the family? The CCP has given us the answer. The brazen CCP is also shy; in practice, CCP cadres are ashamed to let the people know that there are defectors and surrenders in their army. Among Korean prisoners of war, a considerable number of them chose to be repatriated to the Republic of China rather than to the CCP because they were forced to fight against the United Nations for the alliance. It has been added by the Allied Forces as “martyrs”; the local United Front Work Department will return to Taiwan to visit relatives, facing Taiwanese businessmen and hospitality. As the saying goes: “The first level is followed by the next level of deception until the State Council is deceived.” No one of the leaders of the Communist Party wants “traitors” and “revolutionary people” to appear under their own hands, so they answered us What do families do about this problem? Family members receive martyrs allowance. “The prisoners of war who went to Taiwan were treated by the CCP, and their families were taken care of. The prisoners of war who persisted in serving the CCP and returned to China were regarded as traitors. “

The communist army officers asked the soldiers to die for themselves. They flew into the air; to prevent the soldiers from daring to die for themselves, they deprived the soldiers of the right to live; the righteous men bowed their knees. Whether it is out of personal dignity, career prospects, or family well-being, leaving the Communist army, crossing the front line, and abandoning the secrets are the best choices for the Communist soldiers.

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