• The outbreak in Wuhan will not affect US tariffs plan in trade deals. 

• Us Senator revealed CCP’s  lies about source of Coronavirus.

• WHO’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ignored the facts, flattering the CCP , CCP’s BGY power erosion of the whole WHO.

By: 【上天造· 灭疫组】


Since the closure of the city, the world has been called:

First, they want military control of everything. Only the coronavirus’s contagion, spread and lethality are the best excuses. This made it logical for Hong Kong to be successfully controlled. No one can apply for a street parade for one month. Wow, 30 days! Take a look at this game of CCP, they bet on the safety of people around the world. This kind of evil trick is only what the CCP can think of and do!

Second, today’s China has entered an abyss of great pain. Villages are isolated and every family can’t go out. The commercial streets and the restaurants are all closed. China is no longer capable of fulfilling the trade deal agreement, the 30-day agreement may not come to fruition…! Kind-hearted Uncle Sam, please open it up and don’t hold us anymore … we are the most pitiful people in the world now!

Devil Wang Qishan, oh Devil Wang Qishan, you come up with such a sinister move, you are not far from the death!

The next days were the peak of the second wave of transmission. Now, it is not too much to add two zeros on the published data. Their real purpose was obvious when they were so demonic and devilish.

  1. The closure of the city in the Mainland is just a beginning, they intend to reach the goal of blocking Hong Kong eventually. You see, it has been successfully issued that the street parade was banned for 30 days in Hong Kong.
  2. Take advantage of the large number of Chinese tourists to travel to Europe and the United States during the Chinese Lunar New Year to spread the coronavirus to Western society. Threatening the whole world, every Chinese person may be a carrier of the virus, don’t approach me!
  3. After the first phase of the trade agreement is signed, you will start to implement it in 30 days. Dear Uncle Sam, we can’t do it. Give us grace again or cancel it directly…!
  4. The real purpose may be to circulate virtual currency domestically, the first step to start a closed country, and military control throughout China!
  5. Mass killings of Chinese people amounted to tens of millions, hundreds of millions or even more. The elimination of the old, the weak, the ill and the disabled, the sitting-on-welfare population who do not create values, exempt the social and the economic burden on the CCP. Survival of the young and strong population, continue to create values for the CCP.

In short, take advantage of the widespread of coronaviruses to mass kill Chinese people in order to eliminate half or even more of the population, thereby resolving all the crises of rule facing the CCP as an evil regime.

Oh, Devil Wang Qishan has an ax to grind…! You must die a terrible death! 

Author: GM70

Translated by Wenge

The above article represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with the GNews.


Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Jan 31.2020. The coronavirus could lead to an uprising in Hubei China. The United Nations has become a communist-controlled underworld!


The US government announced:

  • a travel ban for foreign nationals who have been in China within the last 14 days to curb the spread of 2019 novel coronavirus.
  • A 14-days mandatory quarantine is required for US citizens who have been in the Hubei Province in the last 14 days upon return to the United States.
  • US citizens returning from the rest of mainland China who have been there in the last 14 days will undergo screening at US ports of entry and up to 14 days of self-monitoring.

The ban will be in effect beginning at 5 p.m. ET Sunday.



Source: War Room


Gunshots were fired at a female driver at a security checkpoint blocks away from Mar-a-Lago.

Mr. Miles Guo, a Chinese dissident, sent a message from Florida saying that he was fine. “Just some intruders. Nobody was killed,” he added.

During his live stream broadcast this morning, Mr. Guo talked about Present Trump’s important meeting at Mar-a-Lago today. He did not say if he would be in the meeting, but urgent issues would be discussed including the coronavirus outbreak originated in China.

Mr. Miles Guo said that JFK’s Cold War Island bunker on Peanut Island, Florida has been revived, hinting that the US has been preparing for the worst while facing the increasing threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

The intention of today’s intrusion is not yet clear. Two females were arrested.

Last November, a Chinese woman, many believed to be a Chinese spy, was arrested after trespassing at Mar-a-Lago.


Pro-government columnist Chris Wat Wing-yin wrote on her Weibo page on January 30 a stern criticism on frontline medical staff’s plan to put on a strike which was meant to assert pressure on the government for a full border lockdown between Hong Kong and China to halt the influx of potential Novel Coronavirus victims, a burden that existing medical infrastructure can no longer support.

She used “deserters of an army should be executed” as an analogy, calling on the Hospital Authority to dismiss those who participate in the strike.

In her post, Wat also cited police as an example, saying that since the anti-extradition movement, police have “sacrificed their lives, sacrificed the privacy of their families and friends, sacrificed their reputation” in order to carry out their duties.

Sharing the same view, Sergeant Lau Chak-Kei, also nicknamed “Bald Sheriff Lau Sir”, quoted Wat’s post on his Weibo page. He also added his own comment that “I really hope that they will be infected by the new coronavirus”. Probably only after realizing what an embarrassment his outrageous comment might cause, he toned down and commented, “One day when the staff is sick, then he can truly understand a patient’s feeling”.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02


Summarize by GM54

After what he has been through over these years, Miles realized the outcome of many things is determined by attitude. In times like this everyone must have a positive attitude. Sickness and the CCP have one thing in common: prey on the weak so one must have a strong and energetic body, that is why Miles is broadcasting during breakfast, this is to encourage everyone to maintain a healthy and positive attitude.

Miles is well aware of the severity of the epidemy, as his family and many of his employees are in China, supplies are being blocked. But it’s useless to be in pain, only by being strong and staying alive, can we defeat the enemy.

After WHO representatives met with Xi returned, they said that before the meeting, all their clothes had to be disinfected, which was insulting to the Director-General of WHO. Internally, WHO had a majority on declaring PHEIC in China, which would force China to accept investigation teams from around the world, unconditionally accept the evacuation of foreign nationals, publicly accept foreign medical aid, and to protect doctors and nurses. However, it was stopped by those CCP thugs through BGY. In the future, they must be charged for crimes of causing a humanitarian crises.

Those CCP thugs don’t lack any medical supplies and can send their kids abroad, but when ordinary people and foreigners offered to help, it was denied. That Director General’s Chinese name, Tan Desai, was given by Wang Qishan. Mr. Bannon’s War Room has gone viral, the White House is going to form an emergency aid team. Peter Navarro is going to be chosen as the team leader, Americans are getting very good at this “Tai Chi”

After WHO representatives visited Beijing they also visited Shanghai and Guangzhou, but not Hubei Province. They saw heavy smog everywhere, but no one and no cars were on the streets. So car exhaust emissions reduced, the way people cook also changed, though they are not eating grass just yet, but why is the smog still this heavy? The situation is very dire. CCP officials accompanying WHO representatives did not allow any questions on the smog situation to be asked, they just turned around and criticized that American and European cities had smog in the past too. This was another example of the Communist Party’s whataboutism. In the past, they forced Muslims to eat pork, claiming it was for their own good, then they got this “Aids for pigs”, or swine flu. That was karmic retribution. When Hong Kong tried to legislate that anti-mask law, there was one judge who disagreed, however, he was blackmailed with homosexual scandal videos, then it was discovered that he has two houses in Shenzhen, and evaded tax, finally the anti-mask law was passed. The karmic retribution from the Heaven is: every Chinese has to wear a face mask now. This is a monumental karmic retribution.

These recent years the CCP gave away money everywhere, just now they gave Iran $3.7B, they gave Africa tens of billion dollars, every time there was a disaster somewhere in the world, Chinese airplanes would fly everywhere. They also said China is the world leader in treating coronavirus, and life will go on as usual in China even if production stops for 10 years, because they have built a perfect supply chain. Now, the virus is here, no country donated money to China, the number one military hospital in China, and hospitals in the pandemic zone is asking for donations? Once again, Chinese overseas, and Chinese people in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are asked to donate, all the boastings CCP made in the past have come back to bite them in the rear.

There are approximately 3000+ overseas Chinese groups organizing donations. In the past 3 weeks, how many epidemy-related items were sold on Amazon and other online stores? How many of those were sent out? These overseas Chinese groups and organizations, did they really send aid to China? In times like this, there are still this many donation frauds! As soon as the Chinese government says a word, all these supplies will be transported into China, with humanitarian aid being the priority, full tax exemption and cooperation. But the government doesn’t act, and it doesn’t allow aid from abroad either. All these things everyone bought, any of those kleptocrats could easily afford, even Xi Jinping’s chauffeur can afford that, so why didn’t they do that? Because there is smog in people’s hearts, there’s no longer a “moral baseline” between people, this is the heart-smog.

Today Wuhan people are being turned down and attacked everywhere in China, where is Heaven’s justice in that? Where is the CCP that is “dearer than one’s father and mother”, and the Chinese Dream? Those compatriots who are turning down Wuhan people can very well become the next Wuhan people, imagine the horror.

The official numbers released are absolutely immoral. At one crematorium in Xiangyang (Hubei Province), there were around 25 people in a line outside, waiting for their relatives’ ashes. They were guarded by police to stop them from speaking. Miles said that a year ago the CCP was building a large number of crematoria, now they are all working 24-7, why aren’t people allowed to say how their friends and family died? Not even Hitler was capable of doing this. This is the CCP’s evil, they divide schools into three classes, their kids went to the best schools, and attend universities abroad, their kids even work abroad.

Many people sent information to Miles, demanding Miles to pass it on to the US government for disclosure, but why must they obey your command? Other than holding the information you have, what have you done? Don’t be all talk and no actions. Why always demand others to drag you out of a problem, why doesn’t Xi Jingpin and Wang Qishan care about you, does America owe you anything? This is the heart-smog. Some of us are digging dirt on people like Xu Xiaodong the martial artist, why attack them when we don’t have enough time to save the people? What’s the use of that, claiming to be all good and righteous on one hand, then attack some minor figures on the other hand?

Foreigners have discovered that every time something happens, Chinese people abroad ask for donations, but the ones who start donations never donate themselves, this is why foreigners look down on us, we should think about how we proceed into the future.
Gnews has gone viral, every day there are over 2 million shares, normally the daily income from advertisement should be over $1.1M, but in reality it is $300, and the CCP has tried to sent people to buy Gnews.

The Youtube channel “Guo Wengui” had nearly 500k subscribers, yesterday it lost over 100k. This shows just how much the CCP fears Whistle Revolution’s media.
A strange phenomenon is occurring, just as the disaster is looking like it can wipe out the entire country, Hong Kong’s borders remain open.

The West is going to unite together to aid the disaster that is happening in China. The biggest concern now is that the next biggest outbreak will be in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. But the CCP officials have unanimously said that, “if a virus outbreak takes place in Hong Kong, it will help us solve the Hong Kong situation.” And they are not afraid to voice that opinion. They are also demanding the WHO to hold a conference in Beijing in February.

Various authoritative foreign institutes have made evaluations saying it should be impossible for this virus to transmit from animals to humans. They also discovered that, the CCP showed unprecedented ambition to acquire coronavirus after the 19th National Party Congress. In addition, they have tried to infiltrate Australian, Canadian and British institutions to acquire this virus, using any means necessary.

In the Wuhan P4 virology lab, there is a top manager with the surname “Guo”. He has made many speeches in the military, saying China must make preparations to face a massively destructive world war. The best way to do that is to change the way Chinese think, and switch from weather warfare to bio warfare, as well as geographical warfare. His speeches gained a lot of attention. He also said, regarding Taiwan, it must be unified with mainland, and the best way to do that is to create a natural disaster (earthquake, typhoon, storm), then through a bio warfare in 2018, this would have led to a natural reunification with Taiwan. Then he said, against powerful nations such as America and Japan, weather, kinetic and bio warfare must be used.

These lunatics were created by the CCP’s system, and only by having people who are content with being slaves, can such dark government be created, just like Hitler in the past.
A government created by lunacy, ignorance and a willingness to be slaves, will do everything to harm the people. 3 weeks is the limit, without water, gasoline, and electricity, what will happen? With a death toll so massive, how are crematoria in China able to burn all the dead bodies?
Local government officials and CCP bureaucrats are Chinese people’s true enemies, none of them can help you, only you can help yourselves. China must open its doors, let the world come in to help and investigate, let the world know the truth, only then can the problem be solved. One must not exploit this epidemy for monetary and political gains, or to close the country off, and one must absolutely not use this epidemy to murder one’s compatriots and create inter-racial wars.

If someone wants to wait 3 weeks please go ahead. What will happen is that all sorts of hatred, and seeds of evil will be blooming everywhere. Anyone who are infected should just go to the homes of your local CCP bureaucrats.

When Yang Jiechi was asked about the Whistle Revolution at a party in America, his face deformed from anger as he said “Nonsense! you just want the world to descend into chaos!”
In China, many people can’t afford to have babies, go to school, medical care and funeral services. Right now crematoria will no longer allow temporary storage of ashes, now you must take the ashes with you immediately, the prices of urns for ashes have also skyrocketed, thanks to us.

3 days ago, the US government wanted to issue the highest pandemic warning on Hong Kong, but the CCP didn’t want that and Yang Jiechi threw another tantrum.
The US government is discussing a complete ban on flights to/from China. When this happens, we can start to reach gate 3 (the third gate to send the CCP to hell), but we cannot fully reach 3 without Hong Kong stock exchange shutting down, without a stop on RMB-HKD exchange, without the US labeling China as the highest level pandemic zone, without PLA appearing in the South China Sea, without an exposure on a large number of people in Xinjiang being infected and died from the virus, etc. there are another dozen of conditions to be met, before we are fully open the 3rd gate.

Looking back at the broadcast last year in Washington DC, June 4, 2020, will be the national day without the CCP, it will no longer be a day of national tragedy. It is heart-breaking to be questioned, but at the same time, hope is getting bigger.
No one understood what Mr. Miles Guo said about Pandora’s box in the past. But when Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchange shuts down, RMB-HKD exchange stops, and a large number of deaths from the virus are exposed in Xinjiang or other places, you will understand. You will understand that Mr. Miles Guo is carrying out the “Mandate of Heaven”, bringing forth justice, and working in the best interest of the people. There is only one God in heaven, but God has had different names.

It was the absence of faith that created this heart-smog in Chinese people, and this heart-smog then created the physical smog. At the interface of the heart-smog and physical smog, many con artists and demons were created, and then people started to attract illness.
Year of the Metal Rat has never been good, but this one will be the last one, either we choose to align ourselves with Heaven, or choose to be destroyed by demons. Any life is insignificant in front of God. The CCP can’t even deal with Kim Jong Un in a good way, how can they defeat the powerful USA?

We are already at a time most dire, time to think about the purpose of life. Now the only choice is to destroy the CCP. In China, right now there are only Chinese slaves, not Chinese people, nor citizens. Those who are still insulting America, please take a look, Americans are living good lives, the best of the best are all in America. The CCP controls everything (in China)
Only the Whistle Revolution cares about the fate of the Chinese people. It is a tragedy that in the age of the internet, there are no media speaking on behalf of the Chinese people, everything is BGY’ed. 1.4 billion people are being used as ammunition (by the CCP). Because Japan had a constitution and democracy, it became a strong country post-WW2. Under the leadership of CCP, China will not reach that level even after thousands of years. Because the CCP’s system can only produce slaves and kleptocrats.

Facing so many questions, Mr. Miles Guo feels no joy while being in the safest and most extravagant place on Earth. Imagine how terrifying the current situation in China would be without the Whistle Revolution. Gnews is the only media that give the Chinese people a voice, and hope. Heaven will punish imposters’ media.

At the current rate, China will become the most isolated country in the world.
While waiting for actions from different countries, the most important thing right now is to spread the truth about this epidemy, and forward real information from foreign experts and governments back to China, as well as bringing information from China to the outside.
Finally, various friends’ media channels were acknowledged. Every day there will be Gnews broadcasts at different times of the day.

To everyone, it is important to maintain a good mental attitude and daily exercise. Remember, “if something happens, find the CCP secretary near you.” After all, the Party secretary is out after your life, and everything is decided by the Party. Since the Party is dearer than your own parents, it must be ok for you to take all your problems to the Party, isn’t it?


On the evening of January 29, two doctors clad in full protective suits developed symptoms and came down with a fever after treating coronavirus patients at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Both of them were placed in isolation wards. Their blood samples were drawn for tests and the results will come out later.

Source: Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02


Hong Kong Baptist University announced further suspension of on-campus classes until March 2, 2020. The Hong Kong Government, however, has not issued any notice as to whether kindergartens, primary and secondary schools would resume as planned after February 17, 2020.

In Macau, it is decided on January 30 that all educational institutes would be closed until further notice.

Source: RTHK; Now News

Contributor: GM02


In the face of Coronavirus outbreak, Hospital Authority(HA) was unable to provide medical staff with protective items meeting WHO recommendation specialised for WARS.

From the graph above, it is shown that masks provided by HA only meet the standard of ASTM Level 1.


  • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) for 3 micron block pollen, flying maggot
  • PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) for 0.1 micron blocks viruses such as influenza and SARS
  • VFE (Virus Filtration Efficiency) for 0.1 to 5 microns

ASTM F2100-11 divides mask materials into 3 levels: first level protection (BFE), second level protection (PFE), and third level protection (VFE)

Source: The Hong Kong General Union of Physiotherapists

Contributor: GM02


Translator: VOG-Translation-Team

A letter to the people of the village

Xin Village Public Security Bureau during the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus

To all the people of Xin Village:

The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia has affected the hearts of all people in the country for several days. The epidemic is the command, and prevention and control is our responsibility. The law must not be absent in the special battle against the new coronavirus throughout the country.

On January 24, our province initiated a Class one emergency response to public health emergencies. In order to fully prevent and control the epidemic, maintain the health and life safety of the broad masses of the people, and maintain a stable social order in the county, our bureau, and relevant departments will focus on cracking down on the following illegal and criminal acts during and after the epidemic prevention and control:

1. If fever or other symptoms occur, a person suspected of infection refuses to undergo quarantine, compulsory quarantine or treatment, or refuses to implement infectious disease prevention and control measures, suspected of impeding the prevention and control of infectious diseases, will be sentenced to fixed-term up to three years imprisonment or detention; if the consequences are particularly serious, Imprisoned for three to seven years. If the circumstances are minor and do not constitute a crime, administrative detention shall be imposed.

2. Persons returning from key prevention and control areas and those who have been in close contact with them, who do not obey the control and flee without authorization, are suspected of negligently endangering public safety by dangerous means will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than three years and less than seven years. For the lighter plot, Imprisonment or detention of up to three years. Knowing that you are infected with a new coronavirus or suspected of having symptoms of viral infection, escaping from control, intentionally spreading it, or failing to cooperate with epidemiological investigations and refusing to provide real contact with people or action track information to endanger public safety, it is suspected of using dangerous methods. The crime of endangering public safety shall be punished by a term of imprisonment of three to seven years; if it has caused serious consequences, it shall be imprisoned of more than ten years, life imprisonment or death. If the circumstances are minor and do not constitute a crime, administrative detention shall be imposed.

3. Violence and threats to prevent preventive and control measures such as epidemic prevention, quarantine, compulsory quarantine, and quarantine treatment for the prevention and control of sudden infectious disease epidemics, etc., are suspected of obstructing public service and sentenced to imprisonment of not more than three years, detention, Regulations or fines.

4. The fabrication of false or terrorist information related to disasters such as epidemics, or the intentional dissemination of such false or terrorist information knowingly fabricated, seriously disrupts the social order, and is suspected of constituting the crime of fabricating or intentionally disseminating false terrorist information. Seven years in prison. If it does not constitute a crime, he shall be detained for more than five days and less than ten days and may be fined up to 500 yuan.

5. Violation of state regulations on market operations and price management during disasters such as the prevention and control of sudden infectious disease epidemics, driving up prices, making huge profits, and severely disrupting market order, the market supervision department shall be fined; the amount of illegal income is relatively large Or if there are other serious circumstances, disrupting the market order, and the circumstances seriously constitute a crime, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment up to five years or detained, and they shall be fined one time and up to five times the fine of the illegal income;

In serious cases, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than five years and fines of one to five times the illegal gains or confiscation of their property.

6. Anyone who refuse to obey the decisions and commands issued by the people’s government under state of emergency in accordance with the law,  anyone who obstructs government officials in executing their legal duties, anyone who obstructs the safe passage of fire engines, ambulances, emergency engineering vehicles and other vehicles, anyone who forcefully cross police lines or other acts that violates public security mandates, will be given warnings or fined for 200 yuan or less, and in cases of severity, detained for no less than 5 days and no more than 10 days and can be in conjunction, fined for no more than 500 yuan.

7. During times of epidemic prevention and control and other disasters, beating smashing and looting in groups leading to physical injury and death, intentional assault and manslaughter will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Everyone is equal in front of the law, even for people who are suspected to be infected by the novel corona viral pneumonia or even confirmed infectees.  Any action in the present that disregards the law or moments of uncontrolled rage will be met with punishment by the law in the future.

Of course, no one wants to be infected.  If one were to be unlucky and become an infectee of the novel coronavirus, emotional turmoil or depression is expected. But this is the time to be strong and face the disease with determination. Be proactive and contact the disease control departments and report your condition, cooperate with medical providers to get tested and treated.  Practice self-quarantine to reduce the chances of infecting other people. This is the behavior of a responsible, good-hearted, moral and law-abiding citizen.   This is taking real responsibility for oneself and one’s family and society.  But, if one were to give up and live in despair, refuse to cooperate or throw away morals and take it out on society, he will not be accepted by society, history will be the judge.  Even if he is fully recovered in the future, he will be met with jail time.

In the face of this epidemic, everyone is vulnerable. In this smokeless war, we hope that everyone will obey the law and be cooperative with the measures passed and report any illegal activities, and stand against crime.  We should not let criminals take advantage of the situation and disrupt our disease control efforts.  We also need to recognize a citizen’s responsibility when it comes to private property commandeering, loss of personal property, personnel mobilization, limitation of personal freedom and follow instructions for evacuation, quarantine, and blockade.    Actively cooperate with government officials to execute the measures for disease prevention and control and contribute your part in this fight.

Quarantine the virus, but we will not quarantine our love. United we are a fortress, together we will fight this disease.  There is nothing that will break us.

When faced with epidemic and illegal activity, the people’s police force will not back down!

Xin County Public Security Department

January 28, 2020.

Wang qishan, chairman of the Red Cross society of China

Every time there is a major disaster in China, on the one hand, the international community generously lend a helping hand, on the other hand, the domestic people are also eager to donate money and materials, and actively help each other. However, the communist government always rejects international humanitarian aid, at the same time,it also stipulates that domestic donations must be unified through its proxy, the Chinese Red Cross. I’ll use the follow picture to prove, the Red Cross society of China exactly what role?

Special fund for new coronavirus prevention and control :

The money has been raised:558022416.95 (CNY)

Money has been spent:0(CNY)

Balance: 558022416.95 (CNY)

Flow direction of masks: scenic area office 10.000, civil affairs department 20.000, the hospitals of Putians 16.000, we and Union hospital who are one the front line 3000 .

The Hubei provincial charity system and the Hubei Red Cross society had received a total of 4.26 billion CYN in donations and 5.29 million items of materials as of 12 am Wednesday.The Union hospital was given 3, 000 masks and the average medical staff was given less than half.

This outbreak, the Union hospital has been at the forefront.

A disposable raincoat is used as a protective suit

Plastic buckets are used as a medica shield

Two nurses were making medical shields

The doctor wore a face mask made of non-woven cloth

Medical supplies donated by people all over the country have been stockpiled by the Wuhan Red Cross in GuoBo warehouse for sale after the outbreak.That’s what they do all the time!

Source: network

Reporting:Bai Ye


Author: VOG-Translation-Team

The WHO just declare the Wuhan virus outbreak as a worldwide medical emergency, China as the outbreak ground 0 is facing unprecedented challenges. However, in this dire hour, the CCP disregards the lives of millions, and forcefully confiscate all vital medical supplies into its own hands. Let’s take a look at the following incidents that reveal CCP’s deep corruption.

First picture


Today, my friend gave me a big business opportunity, but I refused her. She wanted to purchase 500,000 N95 masks, price is flexible, even this order is expensive, she is willing to accept. As long as I accept this order, she will give me a 30% down payment. Without masks, her factory will not be able to open their business, and the factory will probably consume a thousand masks per day. They went to the local mask factory to seek supplies, but the front door was guarded by government officials, and all of the produced masks were already confiscated by the families of CCP officials, it’s impossible for any regular citizen to obtain even one mask. (related information)

Second Picture

Person 1 said all masks he purchased in Japan were forcefully confiscated by Chinese customs. Person 2 asks if the masks were confiscated by the Nanjing custom, and ask how were the masks confiscated. Person 1 confirmed that masks were indeed forcefully confiscated by the Nanjing customs, and the custom called, he either accepts the confiscation by the custom or all of these masks would be sent back to Japan. 

3rd picture

This picture shows an announcement that was made by the Chinese General Administration of Customs

On Jan 27th, the Chinese General Administration of Customs made a national announcement, requires all customs houses around the country to accelerate clearance of all medical supplies that are directed at the novel coronavirus, the custom-houses should strengthen supplies to the market, and ensure victory over this virus outbreak.

The announcement requires, the Chinese General Administration of Customs and all of its immediate customs should establish protection mechanism and expedited process for all medical supplies directed at the novel coronavirus. All immediate custom houses should follow their emergency codes, and make sure all imported medicines, sanitizing tools, protection gears, medical equipment to be deployed quickly through all kinds of transportation methods, traveler carry and mail(Official announcement targets travelers’ private things!). In addition, by using the two steps declare method, declare ahead of time, batch declare and guarantee release, to achieve immediate delivery and immediate acceptance, furthermore, all custom houses should achieve no delay when handling supplies related to the outbreak. Under unusual circumstances, custom houses can register the goods first and then submit the attached documents, and apply duty free status for all outbreak medical supplies.

The last two pictures showed that Red Cross Wuhan receive two letters from CCP officials that stated they are coming to Red Cross to take medical supplies for themselves. This kind of paper approvement was a product of the Mao time!

Though, the CCP made an announcement urging all custom houses to accelerate the release of medical supply, from the evidence above, we can see in reality the CCP have complete control over all of the medical supplies, such level of control is unseen since the Cultural Revolution Era when China’s command economy was at its highest. 

Unfortunately, CCP’s corruption does not end here, from the last two pictures, we can see that CCP officials can personally claim medical supplies with two pieces of paper and a red seal, while thousands of Chinese citizens are dying in their own homes and doctors and nurses are exposed to the virus without any protection. 

The Wuhan novel coronavirus outbreak shows the true color of the CCP to the entire world, and the Chinese people, more and more Chinese people are waking up to the truth, the year of 2020 will indeed be the year of reckoning. 

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YouTuber “Old Boy from Eastern Hubei” had been staying home for three days under lockdown, a government’s effort to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, so he took a drone video of village in Hubei Province.

It used to be a busy time around Chinese New Year, but now it is very quiet.

Village roads were blocked by bamboos and trucks, etc.

Various roadblocks across China:

A “warrior” in full armor on a horse at a village “checkpoint”:


Author: GM34 (Brother Rain)

Keywords: CCP-made-humanitarian crisis; CCP Propaganda; memory of Chinese Great Famine in 1950s; gesture politics; tedious bureaucratic process in CCP’s crisis mitigation

1. Xi Jinping made important instructions for the PLA requesting them to do an excellent job in epidemic prevention and control work and stressed that the PLA should firmly keep in mind their original missions, bear the responsibility with courage and make contributions to winning the battle in epidemic prevention and control

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 29, the CCP Central Committee general secretary, chairman of the state, the Central Military Commission President Xi Jinping recently made important instructions to the PLA  requesting them to do a good job in the prevention and control of novel coronavirus.

Xi Jinping pointed out that after the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus infection in Wuhan municipality and other areas of Hubei province, our military resolutely implemented the decision of the CCP Central Committee and quickly started the mechanism of joint prevention and control work. Emergency goods have been sent to the front line of the epidemic prevention.

Xi Jinping stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim and complicated. Under the unified command of the CCP Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, the whole army should keep in mind the purpose of the PLA,  resolutely implement the commands, carry out their responsibilities, prepare to fight a tough battle and actively support epidemic prevention and control in the infected areas. Huoshenshan Hospital (or “mountain Vulcan”), which is under construction, is a makeshift hospital dedicated to treating patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Xi Jinping also ordered military hospitals engaged in the epidemic control to treat patients with all-out efforts and military research institutions to step up scientific research to contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.


Is this news another piece of “covert propaganda” to improve CCP’s popularity and reinforce people’s belief into the “self-boasted advantage” of CCP’s regime marked by “being able to concentrate forces on major tasks”? However, according to Lude, who has witnessed the disregard for life and dereliction of duty of PLA officers and soldiers during the Wen Chuan Earthquake in 2008, it is hoped that CCP Kleptocrats do not turn this CCP-made humanitarian crisis into a platform for gesture politics! God Bless people in the infected area!

2. To build a tight “line of defense” among people

Fighting the epidemic is a national action, and the masses are the main force in this struggle. “Grass-roots party organizations and the party members ought to play the role of Battle Fortress and vanguard, widely mobilize the masses, organize the masses, gather the masses, resolutely implement the joint control measures and build a tight line of defense among the people.” A few days ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions and pointed out a direction and a path for our battle in the epidemic prevention and control. The new coronavirus threatens everyone’s health, there are no bystanders in front of the epidemic, we are in the critical moment for the prevention and control of this virus. To build the tight defense of “group” prevention and control, it is necessary to give full play to the role of the fighting fortress of the grass-roots party organizations and the role of vanguard of the Communist Party members. Under the strong leadership of the CCP Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, we shall give full play to the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, closely rely on the masses, and build the tight defense among the people. We have full confidence and the ability to win the battle in epidemic prevention and control.


What does “line of defense” mean here? Does it mean that the CCP will block the entire infected area to prevent the virus from spreading outside? This reminds me of CCP’s crime during the “Chinese Great Famine” in the 1950s. During that time, with the collapse of People’s commune and the shortage of food that came after, the CCP blocked the roads to the city, arrested, and sometimes even shot the starving rural-area-residents looking for food in the city. 30 million Chinese people died from CCP’s brutal measures and made this famine one of the most horrible CCP-made-humanitarian crises in human history. Will this happen again to people in Hubei again? Will CCP fight this CCP-made humanitarian crisis in our time through “propaganda” (which means the CCP pretend to fight against this virus but turn into a platform for gesture politics)  meanwhile let 60 million people in Hubei die from starving and lack of medicine? I dare not to think about it. Please help the people in Hubei! They are 60 million lives! We can not let the worst scenario to happen!

3. Li Keqiang presided over the meeting of a leading group of the CCP Central Committee on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Wang Huning and others participated

On January 29, a member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the CCP Central Committee, premier of the State Council, the central government to deal with the epidemic of new type of coronavirus infection of pneumonia leading group leader Li Keqiang presided over the convening of the leading group meeting, further study of epidemic prevention and control situation, Wang Huning, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy head of the leading group of the Central Committee to deal with the epidemic of pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus infection, attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that on January 27, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres, urging them to play an active role in the battle against the epidemic prevention and control. In response to this, a special notice had been issued by the CCP Central Committee. Currently, we are pushing forward our work in the epidemic prevention and control; we are also enhancing our efforts; however, the epidemic is still in the proliferation stage, rapid infection cases have been spotted in some local areas, the situation is complex and severe.

The party committees and governments at all levels must resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of this special notice. They should keep in the interests of the people are above all, fully implement the CCP Central Committee’s requirements marked by “steadfastness, solidarity, scientific prevention and control, and precise measures” and do their best to take more scientific and thorough measures to curb the spread of the epidemic. The meeting stressed that the work concerning the epidemic prevention and control ought to be arranged carefully. The meeting pointed out that we should do our utmost to guarantee the supply of medical resources; meanwhile, key resources ought to be spent wisely.  The meeting pointed out that epidemic prevention and control work should be extended to migrant workers returning to the city after the holiday.

The meeting demanded that under the guidance of leading group of the CCP Central Committee on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the State Council should improve the Daily regular meeting System, discuss the situation on the development of the epidemic, guide and urge the local authorities to strengthen their work on prevention and control, establish a national unified control system for allocating materials for epidemic prevention and control, resolve the urgent problems encountered our work, coordinate and dispatch the necessary medical personnel for prevention and control, medical materials for medical use and the necessities of life of the residents promptly, and increase the import of related materials in an orderly manner, to ensure that the prevention and control work is carried out vigorously and scientifically. 

Leading group members Ding Xuexiang, Huang Kunming, Cai Qi, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie, Zhao Kezhi, and relevant experts attended the meeting.


If you take a look at the participants of this meeting, you will probably get everything: Huang Kunming is minister of Department of Propaganda while Zhao Kezhi is minister of Public Security, now you see, probably this will be their final solution: set all propaganda machines into motion to distort truth and improve the popularity of CCP and CCP Kleptocrats meanwhile mobilize policemen to maintain stability and sent those “truth spreaders” into jail. How can you rely on CCP Kleptocrats to mitigate this CCP-made humanitarian crisis? The institutional advantage of “being able to concentrate our forces on major tasks” is a joke!

We all know that the virus was created by unscrupulous Kleptocrats (Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu) and exacerbated by CCP’s inept institutions and corrupt bureaucrats (especially the governor of Hubei Wang Xiaodong and mayor of Wuhan Municipality Ma Guoqiang), however, CCP’s solution to this CCP-made humanitarian crisis is through tedious bureaucratic processes: they are sending out instructions, issuing special notifications, playing with gesture politics, organizing meetings, allocating resources at central government-level and assigning the toughest tasks to low-level party members, doctors, and medical personnel in the infected area. Meanwhile, people in the infected areas are dying; the doctors and other medical personnel are running out of surgical masks and medical gowns. Many of the medical personnel were infected because so far, there is no vaccine. Their sacrifice should be remembered forever!


Translator: Fell+GM38

Jan 31, this video was taken in Wuhan City, right in front of Chang Lun Neighbourhood Committee of Wuhan City. He argued that his family members were dead because of coronavirus, now, he was suspicious of this virus but couldn’t find anyone for help.


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