0:20 1.India and China Face Off Again at Border as Troops have been Moving In
1:14 2. PLA is building a heliport at tri-junction of India, Bhutan,China
2:20 3. Chinese govt complicates TikTok sale ordered by US govt
3:29 4.Czech officials visit Taiwan as China threatens retaliation
4:25 5. US seeks formal alliance similar to Nato with India, Japan and Australia, The Quad
5:50 6.University of Virginia Researcher Charged with Theft of Trade Secrets and Computer Intrusion
7:25 7.China calls on Europe to unite against ‘extremist’ US forces
8:45 8. Local schools in China implement Food Waste Penalty


  1. In America, over 100 million Americans’ personal information may have been stolen by TikTok, the latter filed a lawsuit against the Trump’s administration, which was revealed by the Global Times – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media. Such a lawsuit was obviously instructed by CCP.
  2. Life in Xinjiang under Red Terror. In one part of Xinjiang where expressing personal grievances is forbidden, the CCP has blocked the information on social media in fear of letting the world know about the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party.
  3. The CCP said the virus would not transmit between people, but it turns out it did; the CCP said that the virus would not cause a global pandemic, we are living in it every day; Now the CCP advises everyone not to store food, well, you know what you have to do?
  4. (Steve Bannon) The Chinese announced that they’ve got [guess what] a vaccine. They’re trying putting people on a vaccine. It looks like they’re trying to show their muscle. The controversial Miles Guo, said 2 or 3 monthes ago, they (CCP) are never gonna give that (genome sequence)  to you because what they want to do is get on top of a vaccine and then come forward to the world and say “Hey we’re the saviors of the world you’ve got to kow-tow to us.”
  5. (Miles Guo, 8/25) If “One China policy” is removed, Joe Biden, the DNC (Demoncratic National Convention), this policy alone works better than a thousand others. You must understand, if that happens, then the issue is not only whether or not the CCP is a  legitimate government, but the CCP will be deemed a criminal gang.


August 30, Maria’s Sunday Morning Futures on FoxNews: The CCP intentionally launched the “One Belt One Road”, “Made in China”, “Thousand Talents Plan” and military-civilian integration law, which requires all companies to leverage 5G and Huawei to spy on behalf of the CCP government. The only purpose of these actions is to challenge the advantages of the United States from all aspects, so that the CCP can take the top spot. All of CCP’s decisions are centralized around the CCP government, disregarding personal freedom or human rights. Everything is disguised under the so-called “collective interests”.



The Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army soldiers made ‘provocative military movements’ on the southern bank of Pangong Tso between Aug 29 and 30, the Indian army said in a statement on Monday.


VOG Video News


  • Mainland China is having a severe food crisis.
  • The New Federal State of China continues its global joint demonstrations.
  • Two-meter distance may not be enough as droplets can spread further.
  • UN warns terrorists will exploit the chaos from COVID-19. Two Chinese researchers charged with data theft of trade secrets in US.
  • Navarro: We don’t know if it was genetically engineered to this thing called gain of function?

by Pistachio Goddess

Image Source: Tama66 / 1862 images at Pixabay

It’s 2020: so far this year, the U.S. has seen millions of people demonstrating support of black lives, has had multiple articles published about the rising tensions caused by “political correctness,” and had an attempt to oust the current President because of his “racist” inclinations. In addition, in recent years performing and visual art attendance has increased³ and a higher focus towards art and culture in schools has been implemented. If you asked the average American, they would probably consider themselves informed on important matters affecting the world today. Yet, there are other governments, such as in China, consistently defining Americans as ignorant and selfish, and not many choose to question it. Why is such a statement, which Americans would find mostly untrue, working to deceive others so easily, especially when something like being culturally aware and racially accepting is the apex of every conversation from American pop culture to political debates?

Image Source: Eric Drooker (www.drooker.com)

Most people nowadays are aware of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and some of their accomplishments: from getting a street and plaza renamed to involving 500,000 people in protests all over the U.S. during the COVID-19 outbreak. Today, protests are still raging in Chicago, Portland, and New York, with no resolution on the horizon. Race and culture have been on a sliding spectrum from racist, culturally appropriating and stereotypical to supportive and culturally aware. It’s a slippery slope for many, and news sources are quick to feed anyone to the wolves if they slip too far into a racist or insensitive sentiment. Hopefully in the future, we all learn to not take everything seriously, but it’s safe to say that tensions are at all time high about whether something is “politically correct” or not, as most Americans want to be supportive and not be mistaken for ignorant.

On the other side of the world, you have the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has stated the U.S. is more ignorant than ever. In a recent article, state-media accused the U.S. population of being swept up by a new “Red Scare” fear-mongering and are unable to make “informed decisions” about China, especially, because they “don’t study Chinese and don’t know about China.” Rhetoric like this is quite common from the CCP, and with tensions escalating between the U.S. and China since the commencement of the trade war, there has been a steady increase of it on both television and radio all over the country.

Image Source: “China-US relations at ‘critically important’ stage: Xi to Trump” by Orissa Post

Now, to be fair, the U.S. has been ignorant about China for some time now. In Brigadier General Robert Spalding (U.S. Air force, Retired)’s book Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept, it goes in-depth about how a blind eye has been turned to many CCP issues, such as how they have advanced their military by stealing U.S. intellectual property and have infiltrated our science laboratories. The U.S has also been ignoring the gross human rights violations occurring in Xinjiang against the Uighurs (including sterilizing woman and performing forced abortions, child abuse, and live organ harvesting), the spyware installed in Huawei devices and on Chinese apps like TikTok and Wechat, and how, although done quietly, CCP members have been systematically buying mass amounts of U.S. property and have acquired more than billions in assets from the U.S. since 2002. Only earlier this year were the funds from the Thrift Savings Plan limited from being invested into Chinese companies.

As a reminder, this is the Chinese Communist Party we are talking about, meaning they own a percentage of every Chinese business. So, where does this percentage of revenue go that the CCP is entitled to? It’s difficult to say, but something to consider is that in 2018, China’s Defense Budget had increased 850% from the previous 20 years (an increase from $20 billion to $170 billion according to China) and in 2020 it is now at $178.2 billion. How can a country support that kind of increase in their budget without a newly tapped source of funds? Where could the funds be coming from? To clarify, the CCP has a lot to gain if the U.S. remains ignorant about what they are doing  so they can continue with profiting off U.S. citizens and the economy. A combination of tactics is used to keep the Americans from understanding the CCP’s true intentions: controlling information from leaving their country (like how they kept information about the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus from the rest of the world in an act of blatantly allowing spread) and attempting to silent all individuals speaking out against them. American’s must also understand that a government does not equal a country and its people; it can actually do many things the people do not approve of, especially in non-democratic nations.

Image Source: Pixabay

So the question is, are Americans as ignorant as the CCP says? The CCP has both directly and indirectly threatened the integrity and safety of all world citizens: normally these consequences would be immense to bear. The U.S., which has been reported as being at one of its most divided times, will need to unite citizens to encourage freedom and understanding, like the Hong-Kongese who have recently come under attack by the CCP,  like Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai, due to the new Hong Kong National Security Law. Despite the increasing danger, protesters are still making five clear demands to the government so that Hong Kong citizens are entitled to the same democracy the U.S. has and is meant to upload. 

We are living in a time where information has never flowed more freely (except in countries where they censor, like China) and Americans are learning how to make more informed decisions than ever. They have proven they want to support people of all backgrounds, cultures, and creeds. However, if there is a government easily convincing 1.6 billion people or more that Americans are ignorant and uncultured, can they really say that they are succeeding in creating change? This question can only be answered with action: to improve the U.S. through peace, to eliminate the threats to essential values like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression, and to better our lives with happiness and sincerity. This is our fight, too. 

Image Source: zhang kaiyv by Pixabay

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1. TikTok assets cannot be sold with out CCP’s approval? It is said that TikTok deal could be postponed after the election.


2.Huawei focuses on cloud computing to secure its survival and probably plot to steal U.S. chips.


3. Sinopec H1 reported a loss of Rmb 21.7bn ($3.2bn), and its comprehensive income had a loss of Rmb 23.9bn ($3.3bn)


4.CCP banks faces the worst profit among the past decade. Profit at Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China all dropped over 10%


G Translator / Finance and Law Team


Editor: Guo Library – Dr. Ming ; Pulished:30.08.2020

The New Federal State of China is a manifesto whereby we disown the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime and offers an opportunity for us to officially declare that we are not part of the CCP state. It also shares the values that my second homeland, the U.K., stands for i.e. democracy, freedom, justice and human rights.

To take down the CCP, the US and the world must firstly, take an all-out approach to counteract the CCP. Secondly, spread the truth widely. Thirdly, form alliance with allies and Chinese people. Last but not the least, focused and keep anti-CCP as the top priority.

Edited by:【Himalaya Hawk Squad】


In a G-TV livecast on August 16, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo answered a question from a brother-in-arms in New Zealand regarding the expectations of young people from the Whistleblower Movement. He explained what “Wu” (Enlightenment) and “Kong” (Voidness) are, as well as the three key points of “Anatta” (non-self). Your self-interest doesn’t matter, but we can’t annihilate the CCP without you.

Translator: 【Dlrow】 Proofreader: 【Winston Jackson】 Subtitle: 【Pamila(文明)】 Editor: 【GM31】 Upload:【Michelle】

Presented by the VOG Rose Garden Team

Image source: https://www.followcn.com

The author’s background

FP (Foreign policy) recently published an article named 《Who is Guo Wengui》on its website. This article is full of rumor and lacks objectivity and integrity. Foreign Policy endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election. This was the first time in its 50-year history had the magazine endorsed a candidate.1

The author is James Palmer, who is a deputy editor at Foreign Policy. Palmer is the author of books like《The Bloody White Baron》 and《The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of New China》. A few reviews from the Amazon readers below may tell some interesting points:

《The Bloody White Baron》

“Palmer’s actually a pretty colorful writer, but the problem with his subject, Baron Ungern-Sternberg, is that there’s not a whole lot of reliable documentation on him as a person.”  

“Lots of editorializing on the author’s part, which isn’t bad in general, but in history I expect more objectivity, otherwise the whole book is thrown into doubt.”

“The author does his best to flesh out a story that is real but lacking in much reliable documentation”

《The Death of Mao》

“The role of mass protest, and especially the fact that in 1976 Deng was popular with protestors in Tien am Mien Square was particularly interesting – especially in light of what he did in 1989.”  

“He also mentions his Chinese grandparents – without explaining how he acquired them.”

“Capitalist propaganda of the highest form: It is a very informative book but everything seems to dig at communism and a pro capitalist backhander. would be great I just felt like I was reading a really biased book. devalued all of your statements”

From readers’ comments and the author’s photos on the website, we can infer that James Palmer is an author of Chinese descent, and he clearly has a personal tendency to praise the top leaders of the CCP in his previous books. The 08/27/2020 Lu-De Media2 revealed that the China’s Treasury is hidden in various Communist Party’s top leaders’ families, and the wealth spread and hidden in their relatives and illegitimate childeren in western world. The successors of these families have already been westernized and hold American Citizenship, who probably can’t even speak Chinese.

Senior journalists generally say that the best way to analyze news is the interest analytical method. News interpretation is the basis of the interest analytical method. The most important requirement for news interpretation is to learn to see things through. I believe that readers have sufficient analytical skills, and can judge by themselves where the interests of FP alongwith this article and the author come from and who is the backhander behind them.

Reference link

  1. https://foreignpolicy.com/2016/10/09/foreign-policy-endorses-hillary-clinton-for-president-of-the-united-states/
  2. 08/27/2020 Lu-De Media (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyq9J-xK2j0)



By Himalaya Farm Canada 文锦

Proofread by 小甜虾

When I received a message that Wake-Up Canada flyers are printed out, I wondered where to send it first.

I was given a free combo and a full handful of chocolates by a small, family-run restaurant in a cold winter night last year. The sincere smiles and the words “God bless you!” made me truly appreciate the kind-hearted people and believe that immigrated to Canada is the right choice for me! It was a feeling I had never felt in mainland China. I made up my mind at that time that I would pass this love on.

Now the time has come! I haven’t driven my car since the CCP virus (COVID-19)outbreak, but I have courage and gratitude. Action! Action! Action!

After I got the flyer, I headed straight to that small restaurant. The cozy place has gone, no more dine-in! I saw the doorway blocked with a table and a plastic sneeze guard. The CCP virus pandemic has changed so much! At first a Chinese clerk came; She was a little timid when she saw the flyer. Later, a stout Caucasian guy came up. When I saw his clear eyes–that was him! I thanked him for helping me. Then I asked him “Do you know how to restore your business?” I explained the origin of the CCP virus, whistleblower virologist Dr. Yan,Li-Meng and how to end the pandemic, he listened very carefully, got the flyer and thanked me.

It has inspired me so much! I kept sending flyers to other stores on the street!

When I walked into a restaurant, the owner greeted me friendly and listened to my explanation. When I went to a bar where music was playing, the bartender turned off the speaker and listened to me. When I went to a boutique, the owner and customers were talking about the badly impact of the pandemic on their lives, and I handed out flyers and explained to them all. When I went to a barber shop, I found they knew Dr. Yan Li-Meng! When I went to a funeral home, a smiling lady in a neat uniform opened the door, listened to my explanation and took the flyer.

When I went to put the flyer on the door of a nursing home, I met a staff member. I asked him: “Do you know how to protect yourself from COVID-19 and end the pandemic? Have you heard of whistleblower virologist Dr. Yan, Li-Meng? She was the only official communicator between the official representative designated by the WHO and the CCP rogue government. There are many interviews and videos about her in difference languages online. But Canadian main stream media keep silence. We need to know the truth and protect ourselves!”He was very delighted!

Even some people were not interested about the flyer, I’m Ok with it. Because during the three-year Whistleblower Movement, I have already faced a lot challenges when I told the truth of the CCP to my friends and family.

A popular buffet which has opened for decades and has more than a hundred employees is going to shut down this weekend. I decided to go there.

It was getting hot and humid, and my legs were getting heavy. I remember my compatriots in Hong Kong who fight for freedom, and my comrades participated in NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstrations. It’s time to stand up!

When I arrived there, the door was closed! I found an Italian-Canadian family who were leaving the restaurant very upset. I asked them:” Do you know what is the origin of the COVID-19?” They were stunned, I handed them a flyer and said, “Look, it’s the CCP lab-made bioweapon!” They got the message and said they had heard of it, gesturing for “money” while saying that the CCP was like the Mafia. I said it was eviler than that! Because the CCP threatens all humanity—- this restaurant had to closed, our lifestyles had been forced to change and our lives are in danger! They agreed with me and kept the flyer.

Then, I put flyers on the door of the restaurant. Some old customers came by and took pictures in front of the restaurant. They saw the eye-catching flyers and read them carefully.

The flyers seem very simple, but our comrades make every effort to plan, write, discuss, and design until get the final version. Without a firm belief, it could not be completed. It was really gratifying to see people paying attention to the flyers.

CCP has deeply infiltrated into Canada. Canadian government and mainstream media keep silent to the truth of the origin of CCP virus and exaggerate the side effects of hydroxychloroquine which is effective for precaution and early treatment of CCP virus. We’ve tried everything, like contacting government officials, mainstream media, appealing on social media, holding Global Anti-CCP Demonstrations….

This time, we hand out flyers to the public, each flyer could affect a small business or a family! If more and more people know the truth and take action, we will be safe.

When I drove through the roads and saw countless small business, I remember a story about a boy who saved the small fish in a puddle back to the sea. There were hundreds or thousands of small fish in a drying puddle, A guy said:” Just give up! You can’t save them all.”But while the boy was picking up and throwing fish, he continued to mutter: “This one cares, this one cares, and there is this one, this one, and this one….”


Citizens gathered in Mongkok and Prince Edward areas on 30 August 2020, urging fellow Hongkongers not to forget the 8.31 Prince Edward police attack.

Aug 31 2020 will be the one-year mark of the attack.

In the evening, a middle-aged couple laid down flowers outside Prince Edward MTR station, while others stopped to take photographs. Another woman picked up flowers on the ground and placed them on the railings, and added notes to the wrappers: “in memory of the injured and the dead on 8.31”, “never forget”. However, officers from the Mongkok Police Station warned her of violating the 599G gathering ban, and urged her to leave.

15 minutes later, a group of police officers came out from the police station to remove the two flower bouquets. More citizens brought flowers after they left, tying flowers to the railings.

No more than 5 minutes later, more officers tear down all the flowers.

Source: Stand News


Singer / Lyrics / Composer:Liangchen



August 29, Miles Guo on War Room: They want to kill me because I know their secrets. Why are these secrets so important? I know the CCP is planning to dominate the entire world. They have a precise plan to destroy America, which is called the 3F plan: foment weakness, foment chaos, and foment destruction.



August 29, Miles Guo on War Room: I think the CCP is deeply involved in the coming election. They want to take down President Trump and get involved in American politics. They plan to unleash more viruses in America. They’re also deploying a spy network. If no actions are taken, the dark time for America is approaching.



August 29, Miles Guo on War Room: The answer is yes, China will definitely have a famine. I hear from a lot of people from inside China that the CCP doesn’t want to save food at all. America is now really happy because of the sale of agricultural products to China. This is American helping CCP rather than America making deals with CCP.



Source of image: The Economist

According to sources from the Chinese Central Television (CCTV), the Foreign Minister of CCP, Mr Wang Yi, when asked about the Czech Republic Senate President’s visit to Taiwan, has responded that “Taiwan is an inseparable part of the Chinese territory”. These remarks were made on Mr Yi’s trip to Germany on August 31. Mr. Wang  is also a member of the State Council of CCP.

Mr. Wang  further remarked that: “Any country that challenges the ‘One-China policy’ (which asserts that there is only one sovereign state under the name of China), is breaching international agreements and is the enemy of the 14 billion Chinese citizens. The Czech Senate President’s trip is a provocative act that is motivated by parties who  anti-CCP. These parties involved will pay a heavy price for their politically motivated and short-sighted actions,  the Chinese government and people will not look away and allow this provocation to continue.”


This is a classic example of the daily propaganda forced upon the Chinese people living in China, by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Wang Yi has claimed that anyone or any country which does something that the CCP does not like is ‘the enemy of the 14 billion Chinese citizens’, yet the CCP was never voted into power by the Chinese people.

The CCP obtained its power through violence and force. Its control over the Chinese people is through daily lies and deception such as this one. In other words, the CCP has never been representative of the Chinese people. The Chinese people are one of the most peace-loving people and are taken hostage by CCP who is never a legitimate government.


Translator: XO酱


August 29, Miles Guo on War Room: This is a PLA full controlled biology weapon. There is only one goal, kill America, take down America. There’s no doubt. I’m really upset. This is the number one country in the world, America. There are a lot of experts, why none of them would go to Wuhan?



August 29, Miles on War Room: Sir, do you check the CCP? When do they have the capability to find a vaccine? Not for the human, even for the animal! This is absurd! All the experts around the world remained silent, nobody would talk about the truth. Nobody would face the truth: CCP lied, the global genocide!’



Mr. Miles Guo launched the Whistleblower Movement over three years ago, revealing to the world that the demon Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has gone so far to have become the greatest threat to the mankind.Currently the CCP bio-weapon is still ravaging people’s lives each and every day.In amidst of the warfare launched by the CCP, it has again been proved that only truth prevails, the mantra of the Whistleblower Movement.   

It’s been more than three years.Every minute, every second Mr. Miles Guo has been thinking about every genuine fighter.It has been his objectives that the people upholding justice enjoy returns.With his vision and wisdom, he built up the G-series economic and financial ecological environment, the verticals of which are G-TV, G-Fashion, G-Club, G-Mall, G-Dollar and G-Coin.

On August, 30, Mr. Miles Guo declared that, according to G-Fashion preparatory committee, every one of the Himalaya farms across the globe and G-Translators will be offered 1% share options, and it will be distributed in the near term to come.That means, every genuine fighter who fellow  the Whistleblower Movement will be holder of initial shares via G-Fashion pre-IPO. An IPO valued at USD 100 billion, G-Fashion shall enable every fellow warrior to wealthy and decent life.

In contrast, those fraud democracy activists overseas will regret and condemn themselves. Besides, possibilities are high that they spend their rest of the years in jail as many of them have violated law.

Only the truth prevails. It’s his great love that enabled the victory of justice over the evil. As his fighter brothers and sisters, we are grateful for his greater love, for ever.