CCP denies Uyghurs Genocide


Although the CCP has repeatedly denied persecuting Uyghurs and Fang fabricated the “lie of the century”, the British media found out that the CCP has wholesaled Uyghurs to various places as slave laborers, and deal with them by carrying out strict control and so-called “semi-militarized management”. 

On April 27, 2019 Uyghurs in Hotan, Xinjiang as compared with the Yuying Sky News report on April 16, the Xinjiang government stated in its 2019 five-year plan that it will implement all, including the labour transfer plan by the Chinese government. This is in order to provide more employment opportunities for the surplus rural labor force and save many people who are from Xinjiang. They are therefore, transported to other provinces to work. 

According to a report by the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, in 2017 to 2019, at least 80,000 Uyghur workers were transferred out of Xinjiang, but the actual number may be much higher. Human rights groups warned that this transfer of these Xinjiang people to other provinces may be for forced labor. Shao, on the mainland website, Sky News reporters found more than ten of intermediary advertisements saying that they could provide Uyghur labor in large quantities, each group consisting of 50 to 100 people. These advertisements implied that the CCP imposed strict political control on the Uyghurs. 

An advertisement even said that the government can guarantee the safety of these workers”. Sky News reporters contacted them by phone according to the advertisement and an intermediary told them that Xinjiang workers need to conduct political censorship before being transferred. The local government that opened the letter of introduction and accepts the workers must also conduct political censorship on them. The intermediary also said that all workers have “supervisors” who conduct semi-militarized management of workers. Another intermediary also said that if Uyghurs are to be transferred, work must be approved by the local government because the so-called “ethnic minorities” can be a serious problem. The agency said that the wages of the “supervisors” of these Xinjiang workers were paid by the Xinjiang Government’s Personnel Bureau, when a Sky News reporter went to a company that had reportedly hired the size of 200.

It is said that Uyghur workers are very organized in other areas and that the reports of forced labor are “long-winded”. The factory’s “lords” also said that Uyghur workers in the factory is “voluntarily” and that their salary is at least 3,000 yuan and their dormitories are equipped with air-conditioning. But remember the author found that the interiors of these dormitory were monitored by workers’ cameras, and that the factory’s front hall was also equipped with police riot gear. After that, twelve local police and communist officials arrived and were questioned the Sky reporters for about two hours and were then ordered to leave. The reporters left immediately. 

The reporters then went to another seafood processing company in the same province. Recently, this company also opened a branch in the UK. The manager of the second factory seemed to know they were coming and had been waiting at the entrance for a long time. The manager said that there were no Uyghur workers in the factory.  In the years that he has worked there, the factory has never hired Uyghurs. But on March 18, 2020 an article on the company’s website stated that the factory welcomed Uyghur works from Xinjiang poor areas and promoted “the integration of the big ethnic family”. This article was subsequently deleted.

According to The Epoch Times on April 16, 2021, the CCP is clearly lying. Either Uyghur work in Xinjiang or had been moved somewhere in China, all of their behaviors are monitored. They would never have basic human rights unless the CCP is taken down. Without western countries to help, the CCP will not go down. If all the Americans, Europeans, and Canadians are still doing business with the CCP, then the CCP still has the money and power to control them and to treat them as slaves. As matter of fact, all Chinese people have been treated as slaves for 70 years.  This is due to brainwashing and not knowing the truth.


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