CBN 新闻:中共国是自由和民主的最大威胁


CBN News: Communist China Is the Greatest Threat to Freedom and Democracy

CBN 新闻:中共国是自由和民主的最大威胁

Chris Mitchell: China is the greatest threat to freedom and democracy. That warning came from the former top U.S. intelligence official, who said America should also prepare for an open-ended period of confrontation with Beijing. George Thomas has the details.


Host (George Thomas): Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military leader said more than two centuries ago that China is a sleeping lion, let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world. China’s President Xi Jinping has emphatically declared that the lion has awakened. 


John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence wrote in a recent wall street journal editorial that China is America’s number one national security threat, and that Beijing intends to dominate the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically. Michael O’hanlon is with Brookings Institute.


Michael E. O’hanlon: It is the way a great power with a non-democratic government chooses to seek to extend its influence worldwide.


Host: Ratcliffe accuses China of deploying what he calls a rob, replicate, and replace approach in its ambitions to dominate the world.


Michael E. O’hanlon: It’s been well known for decades that China tries to copy the industry of other countries and then takes it to scale, makes it more efficient, and largely operates, sort of built its way up through the global economic ranks with that approach.


Host: China’s foreign ministry dismisses Radcliffe’s claims while accusing Washington of unnecessary playing the China threat.


Chunying Hua: The relevance article with his sensational title does not present any solid evidence at all. It offered nothing new but repeating the lies and rumors to smear China.


Host: CBN News has documented China’s rise for more than two decades. Fast forward to 2020, as we examine how China’s President Xi Jinping has been massively overhauling the country’s military, economy, and political influence as part of his great rejuvenation project.


Tom Miller: We should put it into sort of Trumpian terms, means to make China great again.


Host: Tom Miller documents China’s rise in the book “China’s Asian Dream”. Miller says since taking the reins, she has been on a trajectory of preparing China to be the world’s dominant power.


Tom Miller: China has been very very deliberately trying to realize its kind of ambition to become the global superpower.


Host: Chinese scholars say it’s also part of Xi’s deep belief that his country has a divine right to rule the world.


Gordon Chang: The mandate of heaven is from China’s imperial past, where Chinese emperors believed that they not only had the right, but they were compelled by heaven to rule the world. And there’s this notion of “Tian Xia” or “all under heaven”.


Host: One way, is by military force. As Commander-In-Chief of the world’s largest fighting force, Xi has remade China’s People’s Liberation Army or PLA into a military, rapidly closing the gap on U.S. firepower. The Pentagon revealing for the first time that China now has the world’s largest navy and plans to double its nuclear warhead arsenal in this decade, which includes ballistic missiles that can reach the United States.

主持人:一个途径就是通过武力。作为世界上具有最大军事力量的总司令,习对中国人民解放军,即 PLA,进行了改造,使其迅速缩小与美国军力的差距。五角大楼首次披露:中国现在拥有世界上最大的海军,并计划在10年内将其武器库增加一倍,其中包括那些能够打到美国的核弹道导弹。

Chad Sbragia: It’s likely that China will seek to build a military that is equal to or in some cases superior to the U.S. military or the military of any other great power that China perceives as a potential threat.


Host: O’Hamlon says China’s capabilities in emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and next generation technology and telecommunications now rival that of the United States.


Michael E. O’hanlon: If we used to be ahead of China by, you know, half a lap on the proverbial track, now we’re ahead by maybe a few strides, and China is maybe even closing the gap further as we go.


Host: Ratcliffe insists that resisting China’s ambitions of becoming an economic, military, and technological superpower will be the challenge of our generation and warns that America should prepare for an open-ended period of confrontation with Beijing.


George Thomas, CBN News



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