All Nations Should Ask the Zhongnan Pit for the Antidote; CCP Members, Stop Doing Evil!


Jeez! You just saw me in a suit and the heavy snow that I recorded. Now I’ve finished my meeting and am enjoying a cup of coffee. Aiya, nice coffee, pretty nice. Brother Seven’s bad habit – eating ice pops. Do you know the feeling of enjoying such nice coffee and eating ice pops like this one? I found that I’ve got two yellow Hermes sweaters like this one, Gosh! Haven’t worn this one before maybe. Mmmm…  


Another thing, want to thank Mr. Hashimoto from Japan for the strawberries. Mmmm… look at this strawberry! Does it look the same as an ordinary strawberry? It is completely different. These are Japanese strawberries, which are over ten times more expensive than American ones. So, this is what “quality” means. Quality is time and wisdom. You have to pay for quality. 

还有,谢谢日本的桥本先生,[给的]草莓。呣嗯~ 这个草莓,你看看!你看看[和普通的比]一样吗?完全不一样。这个草莓是日本草莓,这个日本草莓是美国草莓的十几倍[的]价格。所以说什么叫质量?质量就是时间,就是智慧。质量你是要付钱的。

Since this morning, I believe that, the military intelligence agencies of different countries have all been thinking that the CCP has this unsuccessful vaccine, so it definitely owns the antidote! Who said that? I, Miles said that. What should we do then? Ask the CCP for the antidote, right? It’s simple. Want to live? If you want to live, just go and ask for the antidote. Ask who? Ask the CCP. Where? The ZhongNan Pit. Brothers and sisters, do you think the foreigners would believe this or not? Do you think they would believe this? We have the verification from experts around the world when we say something. 


You don’t have to believe this. I didn’t charge you any money. What’s good about our WM and NFSC? We are pursuing a belief, we don’t care who will follow us, and we don’t care who wants to buy it or not, right? Also we don’t care if you believe it or not. You can choose not to believe it, right? The virus is not made by us after all, but I can tell you the answer. 


Why do all mankind love to read the story of Ali Baba? They all want to be the one who found the key and said “Open, sesame”. We can let everyone find that place where Ali Baba hided his treasures and let everyone know how to open the door. Right, BIAs? So, what do you compete for with the CCP? If you want to compete with it in terms of bravery, it doesn’t have bravery. If you want to compete with it in terms of wisdom, it doesn’t have wisdom. It has only ruthlessness and shamelessness. Then, what do we do now? Let’s compete selflessness with it, because we don’t care. Will they [intel agencies] believe? Look. Today they’ve said so and so. I said,”you can disbelieve it, right?” “Any proof?” “No proof.” “We have intelligence, and you can go verify that, right?” 


Just like so many people buying membership cards from G-CLUBS, right? Many people have asked me why they should buy. Give me a reason. I said, “You don’t have to buy. There are plenty of club cards out there. Go and buy from others. Don’t have to buy from G-CLUBS. Don’t buy, right? Don’t buy from G-Fashion, either. Brands from all over the world are losing money, go and buy from them, right? Don’t buy from our G-Fashion, right?”  They asked, “why should someone do live broadcast on GTV?” I said, “You’d better do your live broadcast on some LeeTV or YouTube, or some other platforms.” Wait for our GTV and Getter. Wait and see what secret weapons I will show you. 

就像有人买G-CLUBS的,这么多人买G-CLUBS,是吧?很多人说我为什么[要]买?给我个理由。我说你可以不买啊,有的是俱乐部卡,你去买别人去,买什么G-CLUBS?不要买嘛,对吧?不要买G-Fashion。全世界的品牌全都赔钱,你买他们的[品牌]去,是吧?不要买我们G-Fashion,对不对?直播,他们说,为什么要到GTV直播?我说你去什么 LeeTV、YouTube,去别的地方直播去嘛。等着我们GTV、盖特。走着看,看给你们亮点儿什么杀器!

CCP, I know each and every member of you is watching me live, right? You know how many people are watching. The new order of countering the WM has been issued nationwide. I’ve known all of these too well. You guys, don’t do evil things. I have no grudges with you. To point your muzzle up one inch higher for our WM BIAs won’t do you any bad. You guys know what the CCP is like. 


The family members of the superiors who gave you orders, will their anuses be examined? Where are their family members studying at? [What we are doing] doesn’t stand in your way. What I want to annihilate is the ZhongNan Pit, and you will be saved. Don’t be silly! It’s understandable that you need to fulfill your duty, but don’t cross the line. If you cross the line, when the time comes, you will be like the Kuomintang Party. Before Kuomintang ended its ruling, how many evil things had it done? Haven’t they all been “liquidated” after all? Never ever be the last killers of a dynasty in decline. That is a stupid thing to do. 


Can you guys stop this [trend]? Over one billion Chinese trust Miles Guo and the WM. Can you stop this? No matter how harsh your punishments are to our BIAs, can you stop the progress of this great era? Did you develop the virus? Won’t your family die of the virus if infected? I’ve said that the CCP is corrupt, but are you corrupt? Is others’ bribe money in your pocket?  Why do you sacrifice your life to save them? Right? We are all grassroots, including me, Miles Guo. My family couldn’t even afford to eat salted pickles, or get treated when sick, right? We are on the same boat, right? 


Can you afford this coffee? I can, why can’t you? I didn’t get it by cheating. I am not like the CCP, whose corrupt money are exploited from you. You are the ones who get exploited. Just like now, the whole world is going after the CCP for retaliation. The virus was made by this organization, right? Those who point their muzzles up one inch higher for any of our BIAs in China will be remembered by us forever, but about the ones who impose various penalties and inflict torture of any type on our BIAs, we will never let go any one of them! You don’t have to believe me, but let’s wait and see. Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, Zhang Pengming, Liu Jianguo and Fu Zhenghua are your best examples. It’s said that Fu Zhenghua is done, and he will be more miserable than Sun Lijun. 


Yummy! Brothers and sisters, wait for the good news. The whole world is looking for the antidote from the CCP. So many things happen in every hour and every quarter. The “black hand” behind the coup in Myanmar was the CCP. Many have asked me whether it was CCP or not. I said it was. The CCP did it. 


I’m going to stop here today and then resume a meeting. Will continue to take down the CCP, and continue to make money for BIAs. Thank you so much! The heavy snow outside looks really nice. Will let you have a look. Look at the heavy snow. Interesting. 




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"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." [John 3:20] 2月 13日