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Laura: My next guest has been receiving alarming reports of doctors targeted by their state medical licensing boards for actually saving their patients’ lives.  It sounds crazy well it’s happening.  Join me now Dr. Harvey. He is the epidemiology professor at Yale Public school of Health, and one of the most renowned minds in the country on epidemiology.  Doctor Risch, what treatment is being targeted and how pervasive is this?

勞拉:我的下一位嘉賓是哈維博士。 他已經收到令人震驚的報告,報告中說很多醫生因為實際上在挽救病人的生命而成為各自所在的州醫療執照委員會的打擊目標。 聽起來很瘋狂但這樣的事情正在發生。哈維博士是耶魯公共衛生學院的流行病學教授,也是國內最著名的流行病學專家之一。哈維博士,什麽樣的治療方法會成為打擊目標? 這樣的情況有多普遍?

哈維博士: Good evening Laura. So this is of course hydroxychloroquine, the word that nobody should ever say according to half of the population. So it is a political drug now, not a medical drug, and that has caused the complete population ignorance, and I think we are basically fighting a propaganda war against the medical facts. That collars not just population people how they think about it but doctors as well. There are many doctors that have gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it but in fact that is not true at all.  And it is easy to show all the evidence is actually good for it when it is used in out-patient uses.  Nevertheless the only people who actually see that are a whole pile of doctors who actually are on the front lines treating those patients across the country. And they are the ones who are at risk of being forced not to do it.

瑞奇博士:晚上好,勞拉。這種治療方法當然是羥氯喹的使用。全美一半人口竟然都沒有提過羥氯喹這個詞。儼然,它現在是一種政治藥物,而不是醫療藥物,這造成了民眾對這個藥完全一無無知,現在我們基本上講是在打一場針對醫療事實的輿論戰。這場輿論戰不僅影響到了美國民眾,也給醫生帶來了很多麻煩。許多醫生表示有證據顯示羥氯喹治療無療效,但事實根本不是這樣。 當我們在門診使用羥氯喹治療新冠病人時,所有的證據都非常明顯地顯示出——這個藥是有療效的。 然而真正看到這一點的只有在全國各地治療新冠病人的一線醫生,但他們可能會出現被迫棄用羥氯喹的現象。

Laura: Doctor Risch, how important would it be now or significant if the administration basically through the FDA rescinded that warning about hydroxy,it was a complete bunk and made a mistake about the warning and get out of the way of the relationship between the doctor and the patient for off-label use of a medicine that’s been around for 65 years? Shouldn’t Stephen Hahn of the FDA come out and say look we will not micromanage your decisions and let this go?

勞拉:哈維醫生,如果政府通過食品藥品管理局(FDA)撤銷關於羥氯喹的警告, 說這個警告完全是無效的,是錯誤行為,而且政府將放開橫插在醫生和病患中間的這種強行管制行為,對藥物禁用的管制行為已經存在了65年之久,那麽,政府這樣做有什麽重要意義呢?FDA局長Stephen Hahn難道不應該出來說,你看我們不再對你如何使用羥氯喹進行微觀管理,不再管控醫生使用羥氯喹治療新冠?

Harvey: Yes, it would be game changing. In fact, all of the discussions you had earlier on how to manage going forward through September, October and into next year will change if there is a prevention and treatment that works, that’s available, and that’s safe. That is in fact the case. But the problem is of course that nobody wants to hear it and nobody lets it out except for you.  You are the only one who is actually in any way the mainstream media that is allowing anybody to speak about the evidence for the usage of these drugs.

哈維博士:那將改變遊戲規則。事實上,如果有一種有效、可用和安全的預防和治療新冠病毒的方法,那本節目稍早時就如何在9、10月以及明年進行民眾社交管理的所有討論都將會發生改變。這是事實。當然了,問題是除了你之外,沒有人願意聽,也沒人願意講出這個事實。 你是唯一一個無論如何都允許任何人說出羥氯喹有效證據的主流媒體。

Laura: Now I’ve got to say Doctor Risch, I knew politics was corrupt having covering it for decades and I knew the law has a lot of corruption because I was a lawyer for a long time. But I didn’t know that you can have so much corruption in the medical field when it comes to bureaucrats and I know there is a lot of good people in government.  I’m not singling out but just making people better.  it is stunning to me.  Last word.

勞拉:哈維博士,現在我得說我知道政治是腐敗的,因為我做新聞報道幾十年;我知道法律有很多腐敗,因為我當了很長時間律師。但我不知道在醫學領域,當涉及到官僚的時候,也會有這麽多腐敗,我知道政府裏有很多好人。 我不是在挑剔,只想讓人們變得更好。 這樣的腐敗讓我很震驚,我只能這樣說。

Risch: I think there have been a lot and we hardly know the extent of it, both from the drug companies, from political contrivances and so on. I think it is very difficult, the circumstances now are difficult.


Laura: Dr. Risch, do you think thousands of lives could be saved going forward if they released that hydroxychloroquine stockpile and even give it as a prophylactic like India has done and other countries have done for the front line if they wanted?


Harvey: I think 75,000 to 100,000 lives will be saved if that happens. 



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