The Burmese Incident Has Scared the Whole World and the CCP’s “13579 Plan” in Asia


Hello, my honorable fellow fighters. Today is February 3rd. Dear brothers and sisters, did you work out? Did you disseminate the truth of the CCP virus and Hong Kong crisis? It is very lively now. The internal political struggle in mainland China has led to many arrests. The “boss” of each province is now making contacts in Beijing regardless of the virus. Now they are ganging up, waiting for that moment to come. The four gangs are now incompatible as fire and water, and their strife is indeed to the point of life and death. Very interesting. I found the [broadcast] system is not bad.  


So, dear brothers and sisters in arms, the CCP now is destined to perish, and therefore it will for sure go crazy. Its collapse from the inside is unstoppable. The pressures from the overseas are: Where was the virus from and who made the virus? Can you see through the U.S. clearly now? Can you clearly see the attitudes of the organizations that have been BGY’ed [by the CCP] in the world? A Burmese incident has scared the whole world. China and Russia, including North Korea are not that scared. So, I have said in 2017 that there are five evil empires: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.    


Brothers and sisters, can you see through this world now? Don’t worry. There are many people that want to take down the CCP. If you do not take down the CCP, the CCP will take you down,  and you will be the next Aung San Suu Kyi. I heard that when meeting with the Myanmar military, Yi Wang clearly agreed to all the requests from the Myanmar military, “In the UN, we will be responsible for you and will not condemn you. In case the Western countries, for example, the U.S. sanction you, we will fully support you economically. If you need weapon, we will fully support you. Once small-scale civil strifes or wars happen, we will send troops to help. However, your jade, emeralds, and those wood and mountain forests, bring them to us.”  


The politicians in the world follow power, money, and blood. They run after these three things. When you see the outside of things, you need to think about the stories behind. Brothers and sisters, have you seen that the Burmese incident makes Thailand, Malaysia, and even Singapore [scared]. The CCP has laid thousands of troops in Singapore and is determined to eradicate Lee Kuan Yew family from Singapore after Lee Hsien Loong. When was the plan made, do you know? It started from 2010. This is the first time I say this. It aims at taking control of the entire Singapore by the CCP in the post-Lee family era.     


The CCP’s “13579 Plan” that I exposed exactly includes this plan. Many people interpreted it incorrectly. Number 9 means the goal must be achieved in nine years, which is the key. “Nine years” means the nine years for Singapore. They know Lee Hsien Loong [very well], but Lee Hsien Loong is still in the dark. Lee Hsien Loong doesn’t know anything and is still thinking how to follow Europe and America, which is absolutely impossible. I am one hundred percent sure that the CCP is going to control Singapore. Ultimately, Lee Hsien Loong will have no choice.  


You have already seen the Myanmar [incident]. The next one will be Malaysia, which has already kowtowed toward the CCP. Jho Low, Jianzhu Meng’s child born out of wedlock, is in Malaysia. You can arrest Jianzhu Meng, but Jho Low is still a grandson of the Party, a descent of the Party, right? How about Thailand? Thaksin Shinawatra family is powerful in Thailand. In addition to the Thaksin family, there are several other families, and I will not say anything about them, alright? Then, India is now the hardest bone to chew [from the perspective of the CCP]. We can say that the only trustworthy friend of Chinese in Asia is India. Please be nice to India. India sincerely wants to take down the CCP. Therefore, Dalai Lama can only stay in India. He cannot stay in any other country.      

緬甸你就看出來了,然後這就馬來西亞,早就跪下了。有 Jho Low,有孟建柱的私生子,抓孟建柱也可以,但是你這個劉特佐還是黨的孫子吧,黨的嫡系吧,是吧?泰國呢?他信家族照樣在泰國是有勢力。除了他信家族,還有其他幾個家族,我就不說了,是吧?然後現在,印度是最難啃的骨頭,可以說中國人在亞洲唯一可相信的朋友就是印度,要對印度好。印度是真心滅共。所以,達賴喇嘛只能在印度待著,他去別的國家根本待不成。

Well, another one, Japan. After the Yoshihide Suga [administration], Japan will have a strong leader, who is definitely a friend of us. Yoshihide Suga is a good guy, but he is a little soft. Yet, the next leader will be very strong. The Junichiro family will definitely return to the political arena. Then, the Mitsubishi family will again carry out a big reform concerning politics, military, and economics. Nobody can stop it. Japan will be more scared. Japan now is infiltrated by the CCP and gets really scared after seeing the Myanmar incident. Therefore, brothers and sisters, from Asia to the Middle East, to Africa, and then make a turn to Europe, the CCP is already everywhere. Canada, America, and South America have completely fallen.            


However, brothers and sisters, do you think the CCP will keep being strong? I can tell that the more serious the situation becomes, the more beneficial it is for us. The whole humanity will stand with us when everyone feels the fear and threat, which is beneficial for us. Outside the CCP, the only ones that can take down the CCP and represent Chinese’s voices are the Whistleblower Movement (WM) and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). How significant is that! How valuable is that, brothers and sisters? What does this mean, brothers and sisters? Think about it. This is the value of the WM. This is the future of the WM and NFSC. No one can change it!  


So, Myanmar, after Aung San Suu Kyi was eradicated, I told my friends in these Asia countries, “You want to play at two hands? Try to play with the CCP? How did the CCP deal with her?” With the CCP, there is only one kind of relationship: life or death. There is no [common] interest or any chance to collude with them. They have already realized that. The Japanese friends were freaked out, and I said, “I am not kidding with you. It [the CCP] will definitely seize Japan.” The future Japanese elections will be controlled by the CCP, just like what it did in the U.S. With the election in India, it’s already known that the CCP was seriously involved. Why did India ban all apps from the CCP? This is because the CCP influenced Modi’s election. This is the fundamental reason. Additionally, Modi has wisdom, which is obvious, right? He is a real politician.     


Another thing, now everyone knows that Singapore is more essential and will be the next one [to be controlled by the CCP]. When you see that happens in Singapore, Singapore will not even have a chance to fight back. Lee Hsien Loong is anti-CCP in his bones. Yet, he is an opportunist. He doesn’t have his father’s political wisdom. That’s why I say he is silly. He came to the U.S. to follow Kissinger and told Kissinger how he planed to go against the CCP. In the end, Kissinger sold him out, right? So, he is very naive, nothing like his father.   


In this world, if the father is indeed clever, he should never count on his child to inherit everything of his. It is impossible. Likewise, no one in the world should wish to pass anything on from generation to generation or to extend anything for generations. This kind of thought is extremely stupid. In the end, Singapore’s success is because of the Lee family, and its failure is also because of  the Lee family.  


Then, next in Asia, the CCP will start the war in all directions and take back Taiwan. The CCP wants to turn them into Hong Kong, so it can check their anus. While checking the anus of Singapore and Malaysia, it also tries to check Japan’s anus and turn all of them into Hong Kong. Will it be possible? And I believe that, with all kinds of physical conditions, mental status, and the internal strife of the CCP’s leaders and with its current collapsing economy, there will not be many days left to the CCP. Of course, please don’t believe Miles. You should believe Xi Jinping and the CCP. The CCP has the “Chinese dream”; the CCP has Zhongnan Pit; and the CCP has those old bastards. 


So, brothers and sisters, I will not talk more today. I am going to make meat balls this noon. I will stop talking now. Thank you!  




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